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October 20 , 2021
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ccL - Unleash The Beast

 ( Doof ,  Mar. 2006 )

00. iNTRO - 1:55 01. bANANI - 7:48 02. mASSIVE - 7:17 03. LF-ants - 8:00 04. gEIGER - 7:57 05. oOB oOB - 7:05 06. tIE rIPPED - 8:05 07. sCRATCH - 7:38 08. uTB rEMIX - 6:44 09. Id sLAYER - 7:05

ccL (Could Care Less) is Zebra-N (Troy Leidich) and REV (Paul Elfferich), both from Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is their debut album, released through Doff Records, a label that usually releases night related music, but not the "evil dark stuff". REV has released his debut album last year, but I must confess I did not listen to it. There are no mention to track times or BPMs anywhere. The CD comes with a nice DJ insert, displaying the sample art of the back of the CD, however the track names are shown in a confuse way, and the bpms are not here. The mastering was made by Disc Master @ Tel-Aviv Israel. The cover art was made by www.cut-up.org and is very green, with some pictures of ants and a drawing of an ant.
The album begins with an intro (T0). Well, I did not like this intro. Let skip it. The first dance floor track (T1) here has 143 bpms, but the track passes through a lot of variations, getting very dense in the middle. There are many unintelligible samples and voices through all the track. I enjoyed a lot the beginning of this third track (T2), this is some sort of minimalist approach to dark psytrance. Night sounds again at 143 bpm, and the second part of this track sounds steadier and more populated by psychedelic elements. Very good for me. LF-Ants (T3) is a little faster, and has a continuous bass line with psychedelic elements placed in a curious way. There are some bass variations in the middle of the track, and their sound too weird for me, some times it sounds like if there were two kicks together, but except from that it's a very psychedelic tune. Geiger (T4) is psychedelic from the beginning, it has the best bass up to now in this release and 145 bpm. Also a tribal feeling is transmitted through in some parts, a siren, and a long sample. It gets scary in some parts and funny in other parts, I really enjoy it. Excellent track. Beginning this next track (T5) is a crazy laugh, the track has 144 bpm, but its bass makes it sounds much faster. Didn't like it, but the next track compensates it. Wow, this track (T6) begins with a long sample, about a guy exploring an alien spaceship. The kick and bass combo at the beginning is strong, but the track is more hypnotic than energetic. An alien voice makes company to us during out journey, it the longest track here, nice one. Scratch (T7) has what I think we can call a fat bass. I can't describe what I hear here, but for sure it pleases me. Very Psychedelic synths and effects, and good to dance. At some point there is a beauty female voice contrasting with the whole idea of the track, these guys are crazy. One of my favorite tracks here. UTB rmx (T8) is the remix to Unleash the Beast, released on REV's album. It's a 146 bpm dance floor banger, its structure is much more full on than the ones on the previous tracks and this is the shorter track here. The first voice sample sound terrible to me. However, I understand that this is a more direct dance floor approach to the ccL style, and to be honest it sounds good. To close this fine album we have another 146 bpm dance floor twister (T9). This track has a bit of everything, some tribal elements, pounding bass lines, an interesting kick work, some apparently random synth sounds, some other carefully place synths and effects, a nice nightly atmosphere and enough power to shake the floor. It seems to loose a little of it potential near the end, but overall it's a steady and good track.

Recomendation:  This release contains 9 previously unreleased tracks (and an intro track), which means near 70 minutes of music, the tracks share the same style, but are different in their approaches. There are no build ups and explosions, unlike most night full on out there, and this is a very positive point. In my opinion what could be better is that some times some tracks sound too noisy, like Banani, maybe it's a mastering problem, maybe it's just my ears. I recommend this release to the people who like night music, but want something different from the "evil and scary dark psy". Also if you enjoyed the previous Doof Records' releases there is a strong possibility you'll like this one.

Favorites (from zero to nine): 2, 4(!), 6, 7(!), 8, 9.

Review by : full_on.

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