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June 26 , 2019
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 ( High End ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. Influx- Aurora rmx 8:24 2. Setherian- The Strange Sounds 8:44 3. SMS- Swimming Pool 8:41 4. Oracle- Mrs. Pealy 8:54 5. Burn in Noise- Freak 7:19 6. Vibra- Now 7:22 7. Skulptor- War Heads 7:56 8. Setherian vs. 2hi- Audio 23 8:28 9. Skulptor vs. Chemical State- Learn to Fly 7:01 10. Oxyd- Dimensions 7:06

This is the new compilation of the Brazilian label High End Records, compiled by DJ Seth. Seth is an eclectic and experienced Brazilian DJ, who is also a part of Com.pact Records, and owns his own progressive label Aeon Records, and released tracks under his two projects: Efexor and Setherian.

The trip starts with low bpm with an Influx of groove and hypnotic sounds, Bamboo Forest style. Our hypnotism session continues guided by Setherian, who adds some Strange Sounds, melodies and different bass lines just to make sure we take off with a smile on our faces. The bpm is going up, but we can refresh ourselves in the Swimming Pool, a mix of groove and energy, one of my favorites here, which just makes me dance... And if Setherian is the Pilot of this flight, I'm sure Lipe Forbes (Skulptor and half of Oracle) is our co-pilot (he mastered this release). Mrs. Pealy is screaming and I'm dancing... Good samples on this one. Burn in Noise has just released his debut album and this Freak track is in the same style- fierce stuff for dancefloor maniacs, fat bass lines that keep me jumping, the end of this track makes me fly sooo high... But Huston, we have a problem... next track by Vibra brings me back to earth NOW... A steady and hypnotic track with lower bpm, but not that psychedelic. Maybe it's not that bad, because Skulptor's War Heads are coming to bomb my brain with a 146 bpm high tech antimatter load (stronger than a Nuclear device). What a break! Vocals in the high tech Triptych style, this track really makes me feel good! One of the best tracks released this year.It's night time and Setherian brought reinforcements: Marcelo VOR (2hi) bring us different and unpredictable kicks, a drop of darkness on the dance floor and I can't tell if I'm dancing or shivering... Skulptor and Chemical State arrive with acoustic guitars without being cheesy. But this track name is Learn to Fly?? I already learnt to fly with all these tracks, I must learn to Land! Not much to worry, our landing is easy: Oxyd bring us from the outer Dimensions back to Earth, a groovy trip to the end of this album.

A very good point for this release is the total play time of 80 minutes! Congratulations High End records, few labels act this way, this is a sign of respect for the fans.

Recomendation:  With an exceptional production level, the whole album is a concise trip through the realms of psychedelia. Another 100% Brazilian release to be respected! Highly recommended.

Review by : Full_On.

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