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June 27 , 2019
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Chronika chapter III

 ( Boshke Beats ,  May. 2008 )

1. Alic - Underwater Shufflemonster 7:02 2. MidiMiliz - The Missing Guest (Tony Rohr mix) 8:51 3. Fuzzion - Free Tibet 6:28 4. X-Dream - March 6:08 5. The Rockitman - Ego Tripping 6:30 6. Metalogic - Road Rage 5:28 7. MidiMiliz - Format Phono (Fuzzion revizzion) 6:52 8. Triple Distilled vs Fuzzion - Midnight Circulator (The Delta remix) 6:27 9. Fuzzion - Frog on the Run (Extrawelt's run n bass remix) 7:16 10. Jurek Przezdziecki - My Bass Friend 6:06 11. Glimmertitz - Now or Nunca 4:46

In 2001 Alex Tolstey Kaplan and Boris Michailov founded Boshke Beats, and by September 2002 after multiple vinyl releases they officially released their first CD of the Chronika series. The main reason for the labelís birth was the idea to deliver the freshest productions from the new and unknown acts around as well as already well established artists into the world of electronic music. It was to be a gathering of artists who search for new ground breaking sounds and boundary pushing styles within electronic dance music. Aiming for the highest quality level possible and to destroy and remove all norms. Influenced by massive deep baselines to pulsate a room way below the ground or inside an abandon warehouse, these guys at Boshke provided the world of psychedelia with some of the strongest and most breathtaking tracks of techno / electro / tech house influenced music with extreme trip-kit masseurs and volumes that would impress and for some, distress . It is said that a good bass can give your ears healthy orgasms if played on the right speakers with perfect sound. With this album played on a sound system fitted for its brilliance, you will be sure to receive multiple orgasms until fluid squirts out of your ears (Itís a metaphor, please do not take literally). Throughout the album youíre thrown into a thick hot soup of deep pulsating beats, mesmerizing effects, enchanting atmospheres and nerve pushing sounds that are bound to make you weep of pleasure or fear. Each track stands strong on its own but also delivers a complete picture of a perfect compilation of varied artists pushing together with their equal ideals and different imaginations. They are all incredible in expertise, mood and passion. This compilation covers a wide spectrum, being hypnotizing and serious while at the same time playful with sluggish sprawls and strange visions in multiple rolls. It is all covered in complex effects of deep thoughts mutating into circlets of heavy industrial techno machines, surrounded in dark auras ready to shine on you if you accept the deep pressure it brings along. Itís all very tasty and heavy... But fear not because as the album progresses to its end they tighten the tribal tempo in moist aluminum techno frogs who are fancy in bleeps, flickering in light and pleasurable in movement. While being dipped in driving beats and funkadelic mushroom strings, it once again slows down to a sluggish yet groovy snail speed with a nice purple hat, and a cigar rolled in the finest hemp ensured to make the stars you thought where lost, shine once again on your crazy diamond.

Recomendation:  If youíre after deep thumping bass lines with crocket sounds of caterpillars slowly but heavily moving sluggishly inside your brain to groove your pants off, this record label is a safe and exiting bet. They are known for their massive releases of deep trippadelic-technoish house music, and this release is no different as it will set you in delightful awe and trance in sweet darkness.

Favorite tracks:ALL!! But my personal highlights would be: 2(!), 3(!), 4(!!), 5(!), 8(!!), 10(!).

Review by : Psytones

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