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June 2 , 2023
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Cosma - Simplicity

 ( BNE ,  Jul. 2001 )


1. Sleep of Peace 134bpm 8:45 2. Your 911 138bpm 8:13 3. Find Out 138bpm 10:17 4. Out of Range 142bpm 8:54 5. Simplicity 75bpm 5:54 6. Cosmatic 141bpm 8:00 7. Humen Evolution 140bpm 8:08 8. Saffy Smoke A lot 140bpm 7:22 9. Cusanam 145bpm 7:38

The much awaited Cosma debut album is here, and what an enjoyable thing it is. Some will say this is the perfect blend between the Swedish open and relaxed crunch and the Israeli massive full power danceable style. I rather say this is a mature and interesting album, with open, yet penetrating sounds. It's an album with a nice story, enough diversity, but also unity. An album perfect to sit at home and move your head to, and also full of party killer tracks.

It opens with the powerful moving and very emotional Sleep of Peace, with guest Domestic. A true joy and perfect for the first glimpse of sunlight- entering the morning hymns' pantheon. Right after that relaxed opening, it's booming time with 3 killer tracks- one after the other- no remorse. Your 911 (T2) brings in the crunch factor. Massive, larger than life, sounds, funky groove that makes you wanna jump, and powerful enveloping atmophere. This track reveals one of Cosma's talents- surprising turns and powerful returns. A floor sweeper and food for the mind and spirit. Find Out (T3) is the same story but much better! An eluding opening, carrying you inside, till you get hit by the powerful kick- no words- just dive in that long sweeping journey and (practically) ride the sounds!!! Oh, and that break... Out of Range (T4) ends the first part of the album, another massive one- nice freestyling intro, and than the power kicks in, full on power twisting around with great groove that'll make all move. The story moves simlessly into Simplicity (T5), an ambient track dividing the album in two. A very atmospheric interval, that doesn't really stands on it's own though. Again the move to Cosmatic (T6) is flawless and all this three tracks basically sound as one unit. Moslem prayers which remind me of Jerusalem open a more relaxed track in a pre-dawn atmophere. When the track opens up in the middle, you're gonna fly. Humen Evolution (T7) is a nice track, but my least favorite here- not interesting enough. Saffy Smoke A Lot (T8) is in a more clubby atmosphere, a relaxing groovy and very spacey one, very Platiupsy. Ending the CD is Cusanam, the beginning might raise some question marks, but after a little over than 2 minutes, you'll get the message- full on melodic clubby track with sounds that give me goose bumps and great breaking and entering work.

Recomendation:  Best release in Israel in 2001. One of the best albums of 2001 worldwide. It's real fun to listen to repeatedly, with all that needs to be in a release: mind, emotions, feel, diversity and a story. GET IT!

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3(!), 4, 5, 6, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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