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June 24 , 2019
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CPU - Computer Error

 ( 3DVision ,  Mar. 2005 )

1. So It Begins 8:22 2. Computer Error 7:14 3. Skynet 6:54 4. Positronic 8:34 5. Third Planet 6:26 6. Deleted 7:46 7. Black Mamba 7:59 8. Last Nite 8:13 9. In The Future 8:03

Power up, loading bios into memory, access granted - enter the mainframe with security pass code, retina - scan complete... Welcome to CPU land Ver. 2.0, a virtual futuristic world created by Swiss producer: Samy Guediche. Let the mayhem begin:
The first track is entitled "So it Begins" a proper name for a starting piece that takes its time to build up. A suspenseful development on the base with velocity changes and resonance games the track soon explodes into the new kind of CPU madness. Samples from the movie "Kill Bill 2" are widely used in this CD and are manipulated in a cybernetic feel. An excellent starter and for sure a foreshadow of what's to come. “"Computer Error" (T2) starts off with typical CPU leads, twisted and tweaked. The base line is gummy - almost comical; this sure helps to reduce the pandemonium of the sounds that are contained here. The Samples are from Terminator 3 (the other widely used movie on this CD) and that pumping breakdown sends you to the moon after its finished. "Skynet" comes next and does not release any tension built up by the previous tracks, by now my brain is starting to feel the effects of the cyber-implants the music is applying to it… "Positronic" (T4) is next. One of my favorite tracks here because it has a certain melody that reminds me of the older CPU album that I am very fond of. Everything is extremely polished here and clean. I know it's hard to think it with all the madness going on in these tracks, but it must be stated. The breaks again are powerful and the dance floor will be pummeled by it for certain. Another track in the older style is Third Planet" with springy metallic sounds and acidic leads, chaos! Maintained on a humorous base and foundation. Assimilation of cerebral lobes complete - moving on to the next track. A short tension breaker - "Deleted" (T6) features acoustic guitar samples that are quite nice with all sorts of delayed and pitch bend games on, yet still comes right back at you full force. The CPU hooks are by now far inside my brain, the bass line is relentless and the climax is quite good. Moving on to the darker side of CPU - "Black Mamba" has an Absolumish feel to it, fat base and those lead that make u cringe, again samples from Kill Bill Vol2. This is one of the most powerful tracks I heard this year. Upload of biomechanical system information complete - individual identification formatted. "Last Nite" is a groovy remix to the famous "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" a lighter track from the rest of the album and I cannot stop moving to it when I hear it, good job of picking this one and totally changing it from its original structure. If anyone has survived the machine's torments and assimilation process to make it to the last track - I applaud you. "In the future" (T9) is a good way to end with a bang; Samy combines a ¾ beat as he did on the previous album with much success again. I simply love this track and the groove it's got. My motherboard is fried by now, time to get a new brain.

Recomendation:  This album was dedicated to Noa and Luna, when Noa grows up and asks: "What does daddy do? He can surely be told that 'daddy' destroys people's brain cells for a living. So ends the 2nd chapter from the CPU Labs in Spain, a jump up in production from the first and for sure in intricacy of anarchy. It should be noted that this is one of the most precise albums I ever heard, all the sounds are exactly on cue, nothing out of place and nothing where it shouldn't be. Neat and accurate, like a true CPU. Well done! Highly recommended.
Favorite tracks: All.

Review by : Surrender.

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