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February 24 , 2024
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Dark Soho - Sun Spot

 ( Sphere ,  Sep. 2000 )

1. Unusual Ceremony 8:42 2. Uine Saracomm 7:11 3. Supernova 8:14 4. From Beyond 7:24 5. Depth of Emotion 7:36 6. Tales of Tragedy 7:30 7. Suckobus 7:53 8. Sleep Walking 7:07 9. Gothic Prayer 7:26

Staggering striving underworld whiz energized, twitched, and stretched. An immense disturbance comes from the realm of beyond. Ghosts, goblins, elves, leprechauns, dark masters, and evil lords manifest the spectrum of sound. This is an overwhelming psychedelic-composition.

Unusual Ceremony (T1)- As a jet bursts through the barrier of sound the tale thickens. Accompanied by a high sharpening sound, words of wisdom are shed into thin air. The sound is geared up and breaks beat in an electrified full thrust, sparkled with soothing shimmery (Chris Isaak like guitar) string line feel.
Uine Saracomm (T2)- Generated suspense (the pattern reminds me of X-dream's Telegram) unravels. Thick gooey air fills the sphere. Shudders echo into oblivions, awakening the subliminal. Madness hovers in a distance, mammoth cries and barbaric growls all erupt in the 4th minute when all hell breaks loss. In its thrust the sounds are bounced inside a metal tunnel grazing its inner cortex driven out into consciousness. Twisting and swiveling the creepy sounds hush out.
Supernova (T3)- From a far place in the galaxy a beckoning vibe strives a springy, bending, twitchy, winding streak. Stomp your soles to gravel!
From Beyond (T4)- An aggressive cramped up psychedelic twitchy swat. With a "get set… go!" portion. A busy day in the office!
Depth of Emotion (T5)- A progressive hearty beat nurtured into a mind-boggling frenzy. Critical mass gradually boosts through a shocked energized throb into mad uproar- devilishly great!
Tales of Tragedy (T6)- Even this "subtle" piece pounds in a twinkling sparked spooky twitch. Gadgetized graciously.
Suckobus (T6)- Furious surge demolishes vigorously every trace of your bolted ego. Mind grinder! Lets see you grin to this one
Sleep Walking (T7)- As the matches run scarce the dim swampy cave swarms in metallurgic inhabitants. Gliding, rattling, grazing and battering they close in a spasmodic fit.
Gothic Prayer (T8)- Building up pressure… pump and stump! Maniac melodies storm ghostly. Singing "helleloya".

Recomendation:  An ingenious bleak dark gratifying sensation. Hunt this CD down and possess it! Tenacious stuff!!! Beware! Dark Soho can cause serious membrane wear!

Review by : Tal

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