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June 25 , 2019
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Dark Summer - The Tale of a Broken Switch and the Lizard

 ( D-A-R-K ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. In Ďní Out 6:14 2. Exit Forever (Faxi Nadu version) 8:44 3. Treetop Mass Production 7:34 4. Automatic Swallows 7:09 5. Faxi Nadu - The Night (Dark Summer version) 6:22 6. Wild Leap 7:34 7. Anxious Minutes 7:52 8. Mind, Mistery and Misfortune 9:54

Okay, time for another debut album. Dark Summer is Matija Dolenc, a newcomer in the scene. Letís hear what this has to offer. You have one guess as to what style of psytrance this is. Dark Summer, released on D-A-R-K records? Yep, dark psytrance. Now, according to the promo text this album is quite diverse. I tend to disagree on that. Itís all dark psytrance thatís on offer here. The BPMs may vary, but thatís about it. In sound this is quite atmospheric and of course, dark. The first track is straightforward banging with lots of stereo effects. Exit Forever (T2) is a much darker affair, with weird samples and lots of atmospherics flying about. Itís also a remix of a Dark Summer track by Faxi Nadu. It can be clearly heard this is not Dark Summer, itís deeper. Treetop Mass Production next is a faster stomper that grooves along very nicely. Automatic Swallows (T4) is more like the opening track. I wouldíve expected voice samples in this track, but there was nothing to be heard. Anyway, an ok straightforward stomper. Next is one of the best tracks here, Dark Summer remixing Faxi Naduís The Night (T5). The outcome is a deep, dirty and busy nightly stomper. Great stuff. Wild Leap next is much more up front and in your face than some of the other tracks and is a nighttime stomper thatíll surely get the crowd moving. It does need some tuning down though, since there are some irritatingly high pitched sounds in it. Anxious Minutes follows (T7) and it's more like tracks 1 & 4 in feel- ok, though nothing special. The last track slows down in BPM, but not to chillout speeds. Itís just a little slower and lasts longer because of it. It sounds like a toned down track, as if it was once faster but got toned down in bpm. Nice track, though.

Recomendation:  There we have it. An ok debut. Itís a little on the short side and not all the tracks are great, but the tracks that are good lift this up above mediocrity and there is a future to be had here for this guy. Letís just hope he doesnít go into too experimental territory, because the best parts here are the stomping tracks.

Favorite tracks:1-3, 5.

Review by : Acidhive

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