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October 23 , 2020
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Decoy - Not Responding to Light

 ( Dance N Dust ,  Feb. 2006 )

1. The Ride 2. Milkiness of Infancy 3. Snakey Wave 4. Pio Pio 5. The Feral Kid 6. Akoha 7. Playing 4 Time 8. Rainwashed 9. Afro Ken 10. Ornette's Nest

The serious Aussie jazz musicians from Viktoria, present their debut album Not Responding to Light released on Dance N Dust record label, which releases deep, groovy, sharp, edgy, unique in it's style progressive, suited for the underground, hardcore open air raves. Although the headquarters of this record label is situated in Haifa, Israel their artist and dj rooster is complied from people from all over the globe.
The album cover is an unusual one, a shell with a pearl inside from where the light comes, will we respond to it? Let us see what will happen...

Deep, phat, tribal (T1) taking it's time to develop in its own way, with a lot bleeps and whooshes indicating usage of intelligence combining the sounds in one big trippy feeling overwhelmed with spacey pads. One note for the bass altogether with the kick and we get a perfect psy progressive tune (T2), the jazzy influence is big at this point of the album and the flow is perfect, evolving into total madness at a certain point. Some groovy German recipe is not doing much harm (T3). The originality is at its best here, the fight between the synthesized and the analog is taking place whilst the bass is hitting the dance floor very hard! Taking its toll on the brain cells. Towards the middle, the sounds gets more dynamic filled with a lot of percussions flying all over the place adding to the psychedelia for which the hypnotic happy tribal chanting vocals from Marcello Salvo are guilty (T4). A perfect daytime tune. Going up to the high frequencies with the cleansed hi hats and then down to the depths of the very low ones, handcrafted to perfection, danceable, but with a less aggressive feeling filled with great diversity and effects usage. For sure it's a night time forest stormer (T5). A vivid canvas, complex piano stabs, yet stable and not so energetic (T6) flowing constantly with the never ending loop doing its magic. Nice, slow, laid back, infinity... The end is imminent as we stroll to the final minutes of this profound album, and the intellectual penetration and the emotional depths are big empowered by the outro (T9) along with the polished twist of saxophone (T10).

Recomendation:  All in all this album is intended for the serious listeners with some serious ears. It took me a lot times of spins in order to dig it. For a debut album the duo has made a brave move compiling an intelligent mixture of electronic sampled music with Jazz and Latin influences all blended in a non generic and hard accepted sound. They have created a unique style with which they deserve to be recognized around the globe.

Review by : kikola

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