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February 25 , 2021
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Delirious - Tales from the Unknown

 ( Agitato ,  Sep. 2001 )

1. First Light 8:40 2. Tales from the Unknown 8:38 3. Inner Space 8:40 4. Free Oscillators 8:05 5. Full Moon 8:06 6. Horror 7:03 7. High Frequency 8:14 8. Red Dune 7:14

A very nice debut album from Agitato records by a talented group. Delirious have already released several tracks on compilations as Delirium, and now seem to have changed their name. The style of this album is dark, yet pretty funky at the same time. It isn't really minimal but not full on either, so in that aspect it reminds me a bit of Alien Project. Fortunately, this album is a lot more varied and less formulaic than the Alien Project one.

The first track is a perfect opening tune, with a dark yet lush atmosphere, some very low acid sounds and very nice percussion, preparing you for an interesting journey. The second track starts out with a killer groove of metallic sounds which is being repeated for a long time but continuously evolving... then a funky bassline jumps in and snippets of a spooky melody pass by. The third track is a very groovy and funky tune, which will bring a smile on your face for sure if it's being played on the dancefloor. The fourth track is a bit strange, based on a pattern which sounds like someone is hitting a block of wood with a stone ;) although quite interesting it isn't one of my favorites (yet?). The fifth track is _really_ amazing :) starts out with a really trippy intro which is slowly building up with squeaky noises and an absolutely amazing atmospheric sound which will return later ... then a sound enters which is being repeated every two beats, which reminds me of my good old days of minimal techno. Then the track turns into an enormous climax with evil melodies playing in the background while lots of wicked noises are interacting with each other, capable of creating some interesting visual patterns in your head! The sixth track is simply mean and annoying, but has its charm nonetheless- would make me go insane if I heard it on the dancefloor while far out ;) The vocal is kinda funny, whatever it says .. 'not exactly!'. The seventh track starts with a killer intro sound .. the next few minutes consist of psychedelic grooves containing a lot of cool noises ... the track ends with a very dark melodic part, which has already awoken me more than once if I had already fallen asleep with my headphones still blasting :) The last track is a bit boring, probably the most minimal track of the album. The only memorable thing about it for me is its funky bassline, but it isn't that well done anyway. It would move a dancefloor though, like any track on this album.

Recomendation:  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this album, it's one of my favorites of this year. It did, however, take me about 2 months to fully get into, so I would advise not to bash it after first listen. One of the coolest things about this album is that it is very varied in a subtle way, you discover a lot of details every time you listen to it in parts that might have sounded boring at first. My favourite tracks are: 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7.

Review by : Phaeton

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