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June 26 , 2019
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Digital Emission

 ( Digital Structures ,  Nov. 2002 )

1. Son Kite- Massive 10:14 2. Vibrasphere- Newport 8:49 3. Tarek Mansur- Showtime 8:48 4. Etnoscope- Drumsession 7:51 5. Wizzy Noise- Prototype 7:31 6. Ticon- Mr. Leatherman 8:09 7. Atmos- Force Five 8:29 8. Shaman- Interchill 7:08

Finally a third compilation, or I should say only a third compilation, from the label that made so much impact on the trance world since they arrived. Digital Emission is an essential piece of plastic for anyone who loves psyprogressive sounds.

It starts with the slow penetrating Massive by Son Kite- thick atmosphere, touching moving mellow sounds and beautiful music. A very powerful opener. Vibrasphere letting us know about their new album due in DS very soon, bring Newport and continue the mellow atmosphere with the nice melodic sounds of Newport (T2). Wait till you hear the Son Kite remix... Then things get thicker with a new name- Tarek Mansur, who delivers a good tight dancefloor piece, but it doesn't hold me at home- not enough happening. Etnoscope continue with their own tightness, and Drumsession (T4) is all I dreamt of when I first heard their tunes. Massive non-stop psychedelic tribalistic dancefloor percussion and drumming mayhem. Can't wait dance to it and play it. Wizzy Noise with a nice tech-trance tune (T5), but heard people doing it much better. Ticon soften things up again. Mr. Leatherman is a typical Ticon tune, really nice, but maybe too typical? Force Five pops up the big question- is Atmos back finally? I think my answer is yes. This is far from Headcleaner in feel, true, but it's a killer hard penetrating tune with a deep powerful penetrating feel to it and an engulfing atmosphere. I'm waiting for more. Shaman ends the CD with the soft repetitive chilled Interchill. Nice, but I prefer his more powerful ones.

Recomendation:  An excellent progressive release, with the usual good DS material, and some shining diamonds.
Favorites: 1(!), 2, 4, 7(!)

Review by : Shahar

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