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June 20 , 2019
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Dimitri DKN - Interrupted

 ( Neurobiotic ,  Mar. 2009 )

1. Dimitri DKN- Synthetic Freedom 7:00 2. Dimitri DKN- Farewell 7:25 3. Dimitri DKN- I Want You 7:40 4. Dimitri DKN- Motel Lover 6:18 5. X-Dream- Coming Soon (Dimitri DKN rmx) 8:04 6. Astrix & Dimitri- Evoc (Dimitri DKN rmx) 6:34 7. GBU- Interrupted (Dimitri DKN rmx) 7:37 8. Dimitri DKN- LFO 8:45 9. Dimitri DKN- Biorythms 7:56

Dimitri is mostly known for his DJing activities and having done this for many years now, heís now coming out with an artist album which sounds very mature for a first album. When I put this on, I went in without any information at all. I remember telling my girlfriend after the first two tracks that this sounds a lot like Deedrah. That wobbly bass line sounded very familiar. It wasnít until I checked out the booklet that I got the information that indeed Frederic Holyzweski was involved in almost all of the tracks. As you can imagine, new material from Deedrah is something I was waiting for a long time already, since heís one of my all time favourite artists. This then, comes as close to having a new album from him as possible. Anyway, what is this all about? Itís all about kicking wobbly bass lines, heavy bass in general and a kicking feeling to it. These tracks are definitely party material, the presence of Dimitri being a DJ is clearly heard in the way these tracks all fit into a DJ set easily. Nice breaks, but not too much, just at the right moment. The album goes from dark to lighter atmospheres with each passing track, sometimes sounding more techno like, other times more trancey. The balance between the songs is extremely well done and overall it manages to sound fresh. The reason I like Deedrah so much (and also Dimitri) is because it sounds nothing like regular full on. Itís darker, edgier, and I love it. Biorhythms for instance (T9) sounds very old school, a lot like that old Transwave song with a lot more fat on the bass line. Anyway, as is obvious from the track list, there are three remixes here. They all sound great, the X-Dream one going for the more melodic side of things and the Astrix & Dimitri one is more dark in nature, sounding really... synthetic might be a nice word here, hehehe (Synthetic is another of Dado's project). The GBU one strikes a mean balance between the two. And this is what this album is all about. I told you before it goes from melodic through darkish and more synthetic sounding phases. And... itís great! Artwork is abstract but pretty functional, mastering is crisp and clear. Itís a great package overall. I have no favorite tracks, because I love them all.

Recomendation:  If you like the Deedrah style, youíll be having a ball here. This is as close to a new Deedrah album as you could get and Dimitri delivers the DJ expertise to make the tracks rock like you wouldnít believe. And trust me, once the last number hits thereís nothing left but to press repeat and through it all again. One of the best artist albums of late for me.

Review by : Acidhive

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