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March 21 , 2019
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Distorted Shire

 ( Lycantrop ,  Aug. 2009 )

1. Darkshire- Yakuza 148bpm 8:17 2. Darkshire vs. Detonator- Snake in the Grass 149bpm 8:35 3. Dark Elf vs. Mind Distortion System- Groovy Minds 150bpm 7:52 4. Septagram- Trancendance 150bpm 7:24 5. Kulu vs. Mind Distortion System- Moving From 150bpm 7:21 6. Darkshire vs. Mind Distortion- Night Takes the Queen 149bpm 7:56 7. Mind Distortion System- Lycantrop 152bpm 8:18 8. Mind Distortion System- Dollar Collapse 154bpm 6:43 9. Mind Distortion System vs. Darkshire- Integrated 154bpm 8:06 10. Kokobloko vs. Cymazz- Micromodules 156-168bpm 8:09

And here it is, the second compilation from Lycantrop Records. The second I popped this one in the player I was blown away. From the looks of the CD and the tracklist I could already tell this was going to be dark and atmospheric stuff. Man, was I right! The minute Darkshire opens the compilation and starts drilling that bassline into your skull you know you’re in for a treat! The compilation continues in the same vein too. We’re not talking one big track and then it’s over. No, not here! The tracks all have that dark, atmospheric, drilling feeling. This compilation catches the essence of that plodding dark psytrance DJ-set where suddenly the DJ drops this awesome bomb like you wouldn’t believe. Take that feeling, put it into ten tracks and there you have what this one sounds like. Track after track we’re greeted with pulsing basslines, massive dark atmospherics, samples and just general power. That’s as good a way to put it as any. And does the last track have a chilly ending? Nope. Is it hard then? Yep. They saved the hardest and fastest for last, and what a stormer.

Anyway, to be completely honest: for a minute there, when I first glanced at the tracklist I was afraid the CD would cave in when Mind Distortion System would take over. Since he’s a big part of this compilation I had some doubts initially, especially since I found his album on Trishula Records to be pretty standard stuff and not really interesting. He’s definitely on the right track now, though. His tracks are gritty and dark and among the darkest on the album. Lots of collaborations here too, but as the title of the compilation suggests the big main players here are Darkshire and Mind Distortion System. Maybe this is why the style remains pretty consistent throughout the whole thing.

Recomendation:  Not much to tell really. All tracks are favorites here and let me be short in this: Love dark and hard? This is an essential purchase! In a time where there’s a lot releases swarming around in this kind of style, this is one to bet your money on. You won’t be disappointed. 79 minutes of pure dark hard psytrance. I love it!

Review by : Acidhive

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