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December 10 , 2018
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Domestic - Art Making Machine

 ( HOMmega ,  Sep. 2006 )

1. Bio Time 2. Beat Crusher 3. Flaming Dart 4. Analogiz 5. Limited Addiction 6. Quake 7. Non Human 8. Bloom on Day 9. Something in Mind 10. Cannibal Archive

"Woman shoots 28, kills 7 in Bingo-related killing." One sentance, sums up everything. Jane D. couldn't help but thinking about how apt that is. When a kid does it at some school with no appearant reason, people want to read about it. But when it's a middle-age woman, with a degree in sociology, working as a housewife with two children, a husband with a decently paying job and basically everything that most women her age have, nobody cares. It's the Bingo thing, this Jane knew, and the horrible realization dawned that it had best sum up the reason why no one cared. One sentance, that's all it comes down to, all that will be remembered for a short while and then forgotten. One drastic action, only ten years too late for anyone to actually give a damn except for aficionsdos and victims of this shooting-random-people trend.

The thing with bingo is that it's basically the same game you played in kindergrarten, and that's just about as exciting as it'll ever get in your life, ever. The joy of discovering the game lasts for about ten games, and then it's just a cheap version of a casino - dumb-tax for some lame fundraiser instead of to investors pockets, to give you a feeling of moral superiority. Unless you happen to be an overweight lady living in the asshole of the world, with no greater expectation than to win a couple of hundred of whatever currency your country uses in order to dull the throbbing which comes out from that horrible void inside of you that you think puffed cheese snacks and soap operas can fill - all caused by your lack of willing to accept the horrible, meaningless underside-of-average which is your life. And the sad fact that everyone else playing bingo is having the same shot at escapism that she is, playing out the same subtly horrid scene. Thinking about how taking all the right steps can lead you into this hopeless oblivion is something that these people would rather play bingo than do.

When she took out her two MAC-10s and went Trinity on them, she didn't see the fatal flaw in her plan. Mediocrity's evil face looks two ways - when you kill a bunch of people with no hope, nothing special to their lives, nobody who really cares about, it'll be summed up in one sentance. Sure, it's a big step forward for the feminist movement, but then again, not that many people care about the snotty and overly righteous anyways. By the time the cops put the handcuffs on her, the media were already well underway trying to dig some dirt, some explanation for this. The bottom line, they finished twenty minutes after they started, and she was just moved to a sidenote in the papers within a couple of days due to Paris Hilton's newest hacked cellphone scandal. They gave her life in prisonm didn't even consider her warranting the death penalty. Outside the court only a couple of reporters from Hard Copy remained, and didn't look particularly interested in the case, because another kid replayed his favorite scene from a videogame by decapetating someone from school using a metal wire.

Recomendation:  Is this the story here? Awesome producion - the sound is just as close to flawless as it gets, everything in place, as fat as it needs to be and definately made for playing at high volumes at parties - where this album's effectiveness is at it's peak. People will dance to this. Music-wise though, rather mediocre overall - nothing wrong, but nothing new. Yup, the tried and tested HOMmega formula flawlessly executed in each track, massive breakdowns meant to smash the dancefloor with mathematical percision. I guess that if I'd have to select one full-on album to explain to someone what modern (2002 and onward) full-on is all about to someone who has never heard it before, this would be it. But as someone who HAS heard full-on before (as most people here probably have), this album doesn't give much in the way of surprises and moments unavailable in other people's music.

That is, excluding Quake... that track just rocks. No need for any of those over-the-top breakdowns, just a slick, thumpy ride, subtle structuring and a relentless beat. Techy influences, dark textures and some rough edges, nothing used in the track that doesn't pack the necessary punch, and no clutter to forcefully fill the sound to the brim (the poison that made full-on as formulaic as it is today). I'd say this track has the makings of a modern day Psychomachine (sorry for the blasphemy X-Dream fans, it does). Ohh, and Cannibal Archive is also a great chillout track, warm and fuzzy and smooth. No need to comment on the rest of the tracks, you probably understand what they're about by what I said earlier, and if you don't, then you've not listened to psytrance for the last 5 years or so.

9.5/10 for the HOMmega/Israeli full-on crowd, if not higher. 8/10 if you don't mind hearing more of the same but would like a bit more, 6.5/10 if you aren't in it for DJ fodder, and that's because of Quake and Cannibal Archive, and if you dislike full-on, the rating goes lower. Personal Favorites: 6, 10.

Review by : kaz.

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