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February 27 , 2021
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Dustynation part two - compiled by dj asherun

 ( Dance N Dust ,  Nov. 2004 )

1. FREq - Time stretcher 2. M.O.S - Zugstufe (Ticon rmx) 3. Remote Access - Shitty blues 4. Ticon - Cosmic bowling 5. Etnoscope - Nordic fury 6. Sonnenvakuum - Lan 7. Threshold Productions - Red square 8. Sensient - Bawak (Tribalistic society remix) 9. Itaitaiko - The only choice

It took me a while to write this review. Not because I couldn't or didn't like to, but because I kept listening to this CD in the background and enjoying it. When I write a review I like to give it my full attention and I had no chance for that lately. But at least I got to enjoy this CD a lot before getting to the real work.

This compilation starts with a nice Freq track (T1), Time stretcher. It's a nice track, a pumping, energetic track like Freq does a lot. That is also my problem with this track, it's too freq formulated. It doesn't sound too different from most freq tracks I know. No innovation, no new excitement, but still a very good progressive dance floor oriented track. M.O.S. give us Zugstufe (T2), remixed my Ticon. This track should be taught as an amazing example for a proper build up. It is a master school of building layers over layers of sounds. Groovy sounds, I should add. I feel that the peak of this track comes a little too late, but it's a long track and therefore no harm done. Remote Access with Shitty blues give us another nice progressive track in this compilation, with good pumping bass and a catchy baseline But nothing special to write home about here. Ticon return, this time with their own track Cosmic bowling (T4) which is moving and will surely make people dance in parties. It has a nice touch to it, lovely melody and the pump pump pump sound. Ethnoscope with Nordic Fury (T5) start with drums and sounds that give it a tribal feeling, somewhat reminding of Juno Reactor in a way. The jungle is there with all its might, with it's power and coldness too. The bass of Sonnenvakuum's Lan (T6) made me check my sound system's settings. It is round, heavy, and in a way dark. Later come the melodies and the high hats that turn this into a cool progressive track. I can't imagine this ever being the highlight of a DJ set here in Israel, but it should be included in the set nonetheless. Next is Threshold Productions with Red square (T7), which I didn't like too much. It is good, with many nightish sounds, but on its own without a set around it, quite lacking in interest. If I were sitting in the chai shop in a party, this would not be the track that would make me get up and dance. Bawak by Sensient, remixed by Tribalistic society starts a little scary. The sound made me feel like I was stuck all alone in the enchanted forest. Very nightish, intriguing track, with lots of sounds and effects. Scary. Itaitaiko with The only choice (T9) closes this CD with one of my favorite tracks here. Great melody, great vibe and energy. Some might say that this is not really progressive trance, being very melodic and uplifting, but who cares about definitions? It's a good track.

Recomendation:  This is a good progressive compilation with some very nice tracks. It starts faster and more mainstream and in the middle turns a little dark until the last track which is happy and joyous again. If you donít know what progressive trance is, this CD will be your guidebook, which different tracks, different style, and as a total, a little summary of progressive trance.

Favorite tracks:2,4,9!

Review by : karnaf

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