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June 27 , 2019
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Earthling - Hypernature

 ( Neurobiotic ,  Dec. 2008 )

1. Beans of Light 7:20 2. Mystikal 6:59 3. Jungle Juice 7:56 4. Crystal Lickers 8:33 5. Computer Genesis 7:52 6. Get In The Chopper 6:18 7. Cycle Tours 6:19 8. Mandelbrot 7:49 9. Lost In Trance-Nation 7:00

The first thing I want to talk about is the fantastic cover. When I am choosing what music to buy, sometimes the intricacies and beauty of the cover art will influence my decision. This one is magical with rich deep green and purple hues reminiscent of an undersea forest theme, while something ethereal erupts from its core. Nice!

Earthling is Celli Firmi and this is his second release. He has tracks in so many compilations that I can barely count. Having never actively sought out any of his music, I was excited to see what I might find. This is no doubt another full-on effort, but it is one in a growing list of those that I would consider “intelligent full-on.” Here one will discover rumbling bass lines a plenty, as well as the inevitable drug samples, although they are well placed. One thing stands out to me however, and that is the intricate layering of sounds, helping to create a thick and robust listening experience. The kicks are thick and the 303 can be heard adding its rich voice to a track like Mystikal (T2). This is nod-your-head-while-you’re-driving music. A track like Jungle Juice (T3) slowly builds up speed, culminating in gritty, powerful synth work. Little tricks, like sounds that add to a track’s overall groove appeal are all over this thing. The staccato, juicy bass and agile melody in Crystal Lickers (T4) is hypnotic as it rides the bass line all the way home. Without a doubt, one of my favorites. Cycle Tours (T7) punishes you while Mandelbrot (T8) shows off its electro roots. You won’t find any happy go lucky run through the sunflowers happy trance. I get the feeling that the tracks want me to be wary; to constantly have to look over my shoulder. And I like that.

Recomendation:  This was a very good effort. The sounds are plentiful and the arrangements give the tracks added depth. Usually when this is the case, something else suffers. Not in this situation. The tracks are groovy and danceable with loads of power. I could see where some of the tracks could sound kind of samey, but this release was worth my time. Unfortunately in the full-on genre there is so much average music that people have to dig to find the real gems. I’m glad I picked up a shovel and gave this a go.

Review by : Mdk

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