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October 26 , 2021
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Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To

 ( Aleph Zero ,  May. 2010 )

1. Underwater 8:36 2. Choices 8:11 3. The Way To... 7:16 4. See What I See, Hear What I Hear 8:00 5. Eggplant Week 7:25 6. Friends 1:25 7. Coffee 4:53 8. Smile 4:22 9. My Window 4:40 10. Room of Creation 8:38 11. Just another Night (Part 2) 4:08 12. Closure 6:05

Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To is one of the most individual sounding downtempo electronica albums that I have heard in the last few years. Eitan Reiter created a dazzling debut album which is also the first physical release of Aleph Zero records in 2010. There is nothing even slightly ordinary about this album. Interesting, complex and quirky, it is a dream park that lets us ride on colorful waves of strange beautiful music. Though it's possible to hear that among other things Eitan is influenced by the great music of Simon Posford, Ott, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd, the whole album is completely original, fresh and Eitan's unique touch and creativity are shining gracefully in all the tracks. Innovation and diversity are bursting from this album. It is tranquil yet groovy, delicately and cleverly psychedelic.

Some of you probably know Eitan's previous works. He is half of the known psytrance duo LOUD, half of the electronica, ambient pop duo Unoccupied and he's also releasing techno/house/minimal under his own name, but I think that in the process of creating Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To, Eitan allowed himself to really explore different parts of his mind and soul and let them come out without any inhibitions, and the outcome is fantastic and intimate. There is a lot of emotion in all the tracks and Eitan's excellent production skills intensify it. He navigated through all kinds of different styles and moods and I was enchanted already from the first track and stayed enchanted until the end of the album. I discovered more beauty and depths each time I listened to it and I still keep discovering (a usual thing when listening to a good album). I admit that though it's very captivating already from the first time you listen, this album is not easily digested, but that's normal when you are listening to something that's a bit different. So, the best way to approach this album is with an open mind and without any expectations to hear sometheing specific. Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To is moving, unexpected and very dynamic, a lush crystal clear sonic fabric that provides a wonderful journey into beautifully woven and designed territories of ambient, dreamy trip hop, psychill, electronica, lounge and idm. We can always rely on Aleph Zero to release something special and they did it once again. I must say that the artwork is just as quirky and bizarre as the music, and I went for the CD + poster deal which Aleph Zero offer because it's simply worth it.

Recomendation:  In our times, when a lot of recycled music is getting released, Eitan manages to deliver something else, something refreshing that touches the heart deeply and with some great sound manipulations really affects the mind as well. One of the best releases in 2010. Highly recommended!

Review by : Bodhisattva (Gad K.)

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