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June 24 , 2019
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Electrypnose - Le Tireur des Ficelles

 ( Peak Records ,  Feb. 2006 )

1. The Handler - 148 2. Gidi Fake - 146 3. Niapo - 148 4. B2P2 - 147 5. Oz - 148 6. Stupid Moods - 149 7. Disfunction - 148 8. Cerebral Factory - 150 9. Le Tireur de Ficelles - 150 10. Brain Surgery - 151 11. Bas les Masques - 193.391

Before starting this review I must state that in the beginning I was a little bit scared by the bpms of the tracks, 'cause I rarely dig psy over 148 bpms, in fact I can't remember even one track over 150 bpms that I really like and listen from time to time. However, since Le Barde (Electrypnose) got my respect in the diversity aspect with his other releases, and since the online samples sounded good, I decide to give this album a real try and managed to get an original copy.

As mentioned before, the guy behind Electrypnose likes to be called "Vin's Le Barde". He came from Switzerland to make some noise in the psychedelic circles, and this is his second album. His first successful album was released at Resonant Earth, and since it's been a while since this 2nd release, he already released his 3rd album, a sweet ambient album released at Ajana Records.
The label responsible for the "Electrypnose - Le Tireur des Ficelles" is Peak Records, a label that earned the public's respect through high quality standards in its releases. One of those few labels which you have to check all releases to see if they "fit your case".
As usual with all Peak Records releases, we can find the BPMs to all tracks on the back of the jewel case, and the cover art is good. In this case the Art Design was made by Johan Tissot, revolves around a gargoyle, a female-like angel and a muppet, interesting. The CD also presents the gargoyle and the angel.
The mastering was made by Chromatone.

The album begins with The Handler, a dance floor shaker that starts with a moody melody and an overall mysterious feeling that is set by an interesting sample from the movie Edward Scissor Hands. Add a powerful kick'n'bass combo and all sort of effects and noises orchestrated in a musical way. That's the first track, impossible to resist and one of my favorites. The next track is slower, but still dense. Another good example of how to use samples to add directions to the trip. I won't comment all tracks because unless we're talking about technical aspects it's difficult to talk objectively about music, since what really matters is what it make us feel. So to me tracks like Niapo and Disfunction are more psychedelic, and tracks like B2P2 and Oz are steadier and hypnotic, but it must be clear that all of them have their own personalities and behavior. If you're looking for something energetic I recommend Stupid Moods and Cerebral Factory, maybe Brain Surgery present this energetic characteristic as well, but to me it feels that the word that better describes it is "insane".

Le Tireur de Ficelles, the track that gave name to the album (or maybe it was the other way around) has an unusual structure, being a complicated piece of psychedely and in spite of the high bpm is another favorite, there's no doubt it sends the dance floor to another dimension.

And finally to close the album there is "Bas les Masques", an introspective down tempo outro which I sometimes listen in the repeat forever mode.

Overall this album is really what I dig: well produced psychedelic music with some nice samples. I must admit that the faster tracks here don't work for me as well as the others, but this was already expected. Congratulations to all involved in this release.

Recomendation:  For those on the "night side" of the psy this release is highly recommended. Here you'll find over 76 minutes of music, and what's better: it follows no formula or recipe, being effective on the floor without leaving you with that feeling that "I heard something like that before". This album is probably on the CD cases of most night DJs out there, and if you're looking for serious night music this release must be considered.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9(!), 11.

Review by : full_on

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