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June 24 , 2019
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Element - Full Moon

 ( Spirit Zone ,  2002 )

1. Full Moon 140bpm 8:02 2. Dakota 136bpm 7:29 3. Rise 138bpm 7:35 4. Magic Flow 143bpm 7:55 5. Rocket Exciter 140bpm 7:51 6. Just Dream 140bpm 7:15 7. Turn to Me 140bpm 7:25 8. Outside World 142bpm 6:50 9. Can You Feel Me 133bpm 7:54

First of all, I gotta say that Element hit me hard when they released Transform (and if the bastard that borrowed it to listen and still haven't returned it is reading this- you better return it or when I remember who you are, you'll be sorry!). So even that my policy is that I write only about what I like, I really tike Element so this review, while not positive, comes from a positive place.
This is nothing like Transform. Some very good musical moments (though not comparing to Transform), but very very bad lyrical moments. 3 songs have lyrics, done very well production-wise, but the lyrics, ppl... Anyone remember Modern Talking? That's what it is- Modern Talking. What on earth these guys where thinking? Spirit Zone? Did you listen to the lyrics? Wakey Wakey! Anybody in there?
Here are some quotes:
"baby baby one more day
let me wash your tears away
you take my heart you burn my soul
you blow my mind and I lose control
And everybody together now:
"I wanna feel your magic flow, yeah yeah yeah..."

or the real strong one:
"baby baby one more thing
I'm gonna buy you a diamond ring
and if the diamond ring won't shine
we're gonna do it one more time, yeh"

And it goes on. Funny stuff. But also a bit sad for element. Is this what you have to convey to us??? Is that your vision of the full moon experience? I hope thatís not the case- I still have Transform in my head, and I can still feel it here in some excellent powerful musical moments like Rocket Exciter.

Recomendation:  That's just not it. Some deep musical moments and very shallow embarrassing lyrical moments. Great production, of course. Element- please come back!!!
Favorites: 1, 3, 5(!), 6.

Review by : Shahar

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