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March 21 , 2019
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 ( Peak ,  Dec. 2008 )

1. Yab Yum- Happy Curious 2:42 2. Onkel Dunkel- Skabanevasma 7:05 3. Ajja- Chronoton 7:35 4. Rev & Apex- Wholegrain Nuts 7:24 5. Drumatik & DJ Amazon- Godzilla 7:00 6. Shotu- Frouzziland 8:14 7. Lenz & Peace-Ka- Only Noise 7:49 8. Yab Yum & Apex- Mmmmmh! 7:51 9. Karash- Skill Research 7:20 10. Deep Brian from Bosis- The Thickens Plot 7:41 11. Full Face- 1-4 6:15 12. Cosmosophy- Lullabye Bye 1:58

This is what I consider my style of psy! I had a delightful time listening to the cream of the night psy dancefloors here. A great intro by Yab Yum raises the expectations to maximum. No doubt here-
fat chunky bass and robotic rhythm with some electric sauce on the side. It is followed by the awesome opening of the Onkel dunkel track, massive bit crushing , solid kick and bass, what can I say- Mono's style has always been my one of my favorites for getting into extreme psychedelic trance state. Those squeaky sounds and blips, with the classic fm sounds, this is the way to shake the dancefloor's mind!
Nothing less then meteor shower on this CD and off course it keeps on like that for the whole CD, bringing the forest vibes into your home, with very deep feelings coming out of the speakers. Ajja (who also made the great artwork for the cover), Rev & Apex and Drumatik & DJ Amazone keeps the action level at maximum. Then we get some lighter sounds from Shotu (T6), and just in time. This one too develops to harder style as it progresses, but it was very nice calm relief from intensity of the previous tracks. This is one of those that make you realize stuff doesnít have to be super complicated, only done in the right way.
Lenz & Peace-Kaís Only Noise (T7) is a great choice for this spot on this compilation, showing more variety of sounds and lines, though later it gets to the same driven base features of the compilation with the fast basses and squeaky effects. Karash's Skill Research (T9) sure stands out with funny blips and generally a bit of a different sound. Full Face (T11) with deeper bass and more minimal sounds, without any pointless noise, almost with no leads. Here everything blends into the groove, and it reminded to me a lot of more progressive trance methods, mechanical drum section and the occasional effect to uplift and change atmosphere. Not many sounds but everything just in the right place. Nearing the end it gets more massive and never stops developing. The outro is by Cosmosophy- Lullabye Bye. Just as the intro was a great start, this is a great ending - weird sounds on slow rhythms that release the tension built by the heavy music that leaves you with a taste for another session.

Recomendation:  All along the journey I feel that if Iím going to do a DJ set soon, this is definitely an important CD to have with me. This CD sure takes the maximum length with 79 minutes split into an intro, 10 tracks and outro, a classic structure that always works. For sure this is a must compilation for fast night trance crowd. And hopefully the rest can enjoy it too.

Favorite tracks:Peak

Review by : Elad W.

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