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August 23 , 2019
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Extrawelt - Soopertrack / Zu Fuss 12"

 ( Border Community ,  Jun. 2005 )

A1. Soopertrack 130bpm 7:59 A2. Sooperfool Tool 130bpm 5:37 B1. Zu Fuss 134bpm 6:02 B2. Zu Fuss (Muttermix) 134bpm 4:26

Extrawelt is what people say is the house/electro/whatever project of Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe of Midimiliz/Spiralians/The Delta fame. And this was the first 12" from this project. Why the "what people say is"? Because for me this is trance just as I like and always liked it- it has, very much like everything else these guys do, the real qualities of what made me listen to trance to begin with. Since I was close to stop listening to it (I mean most of the new stuff coming out)- finding this vinyl made me very very happy- as I love listening to good trance music if I have the chance.

We have here basically two tracks- Soopertrack & Zu Fuss plus two DJ tools, meaning stripped versions of the tracks that are meant to be used by DJs for their mixing tricks. I can only say that these guys make their DJ tools much better than the average regular tracks these days, and I totally enjoy listening to them as well.

Soopertrack (A1) is my best track of 2005 without any competition. This is so psychedelic, so amazingly musical, so simple and yet so complicated, so exact and clean and dirty. The sound here just sucks you in, the delicate and deeply thoughtful built spirals you through different dimensions. It's just irresistible! And it keeps surprising you after the 100th time you've listened to it, and even though these are already familiar surprises, you find yourself very happy to meet them again. This track has the essence of what is psytrance for me. The Sooperfool Tool (A2) offers a stripped darker version that manages to be deliciously spooky. Zu Fuss (B1) is a breakish peace of brilliance with a penetrating mellow melody and beautiful alien singing (anyone knows the lyrics?) beautifully laid over a bed of broken betas and little exact soundgames these guys make so well. Very emotional piece and the muttermix that follows leaves us with the emotions only and is just the perfect sequel- I listen to them (and play them in my chill sets) as one track.

Recomendation:  If you don't own this you're missing a classic in your collection!!!. A true rare masterpiece!!! Gotta warn you, though, that you might end up playing this again and again and again...

Review by : Shahar

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