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June 24 , 2019
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F.F.T - Unity of Science

 ( Dacru ,  Apr. 2010 )

1. F.F.T vs. Pyratunes- The Fraggle Therapy 145bpm 8:25 2. F.F.T vs. Frenessy- Spirit Molecule 145bpm 8:14 3. F.F.T vs. Han Solo & Audiogenic- Language of my Reality 145bpm 8:37 4. F.F.T- Nexus 836 145bpm 8:37 5. F.F.T vs. Frenessy- Unity of Science 145bpm 9:05 6. F.F.T- Loneliness of the Long Distance Traveller 145bpm 8:51 7. F.F.T vs. Crank- Do your Worst 145bpm 7:45 8. Stalker- Mandragora Filipina (F.F.T rmx) 145bpm 7:54

Marcos Sanchez should be pretty known to the full on crowds if you think of Lamat or the F.F.T project. This here is another album by him, filled mostly with collaborations. The newer full on style is clearly present here, with lots of epic build-ups and a constantly warping and pounding basslines. Acidlines are flying all over the place too, just the way this kind of full on has to sound in my opinion. The first track immediately takes no prisoners and builds up really well. Track 2 is more of this, with some more emphasis put on a melody. Track 3 is even more melodic and fits really well in the Dacru catalogue, the Orientation compilations being really melodic as well. This is definitely one of my favourite tracks. Track 4 is more like the opener again, but with Blade Runner sampling, like one of my old time favourite tracks from Silicon Sound. It also has this nice 8 bit C64 sound in it which I also love. The title track has a great funky bassline and I love the breaks in here. Tracks 6, 7 are more of the same, lots of bassline shifts, nice melodies and never cheesy. The finalizer is a remix to Mandragora Filipina from Stalker. This one is also really melodic and has Mexican voice sampling, just like the original, of course.

The experience of Marcos is clearly heard in this album, everything sounds in its place, there are no really big breaks (this style gets killed by too many) and the songs all have the right amount of voice samples, which arenít overdone either. And thank god, no singing!! This style has been abused by so many producers. Marcos stays true to what works best. His three Lamat albums have always been among my favourite full on albums. The previous F.F.T albums were pretty good too. This one is taking up a place in my top ten full on albums for sure.

Recomendation:  Well, what does it finally come down to? If youíre into hard kicking melodic psytrance then this is a great place to look. From the great mastering by Silicon Sound (a master of this genre himself) and the cool futuristic looking artwork and even the CD itself, everything is polished and nice. If you liked previous F.F.T or Lamat outings you should get this one asap.

Review by : Acidhive

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