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June 27 , 2019
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Fahrenheit Project part 4

 ( Ultimae ,  Nov. 2003 )

1. Solar Fields- Union Light 2. Puff Dragon- Chinese Radio 3. Aes Dana- Memory Shell (mindgames festival live version) 4. Aural Planet- Hydropoetry Cathedra (instrumental version) 5. Carbon Based Lifeforms- Epicentere Second Movement 6. Cell- Audio Deepest Night 7. Vibrasphere- Northern Sunsets 8. Ochi Brothers- Flowing Synergy 9. Carbon Based Lifeforms- Decompression 10. Hol Baumann- Send Away

The fourth in the delicious Fahrenheit Project series from the excellent source for mellow melodic chilling music- Ultimae recoreds. A real mellow and airy journey through ambientish realms, touching different corners, more melodic, more tribal, sometime ethnic, and even loungy, but staying on the same mellow and relaxed and very emotional different plain. The Journey, compiled and mixed by Vincent starts with a perfect opener, a dramatic atmospheric powerful track from Solar Fields, then in smoothly moves to the Hypnotic tribal Chinese Radio from the Puffy side in the personality of Double Dragon, nice Chinese melodies flowing inside as well. Vincent's own Aes Dana next with Memory Shell, another dramatic melodic yet mellow tune with oriental touches. Aural Planet from Poland arrive next with a beautiful and very melodic and Goaish sounding tune- hypnotic and intense. CBL next gliding into more relaxed realms, and they never disappoint. Cell continue in the same vein with a floating atmosphere on top of a heartbeat rhythm. Vibrasphere take us to a more old school sound, I liked it at first, but then grew tired with it. From Japan next Flowing Synergy, tabla beats with weird background melodies. CBL give another short interlude to the excellent finishing piece from Hol Bauman. Send Away is a slow ethnic, almost tribal tune, very mellow and with a beautiful vocal (what about credit for singers, hah?).

Recomendation:  another excellent mellow chilling journey, perfect for the coming winter. You'll be friends with the tracks after 3 listenings already. The first part talked more to me, but the last track gives it a nice finish tempting you the press play again.
Favorites: 1(!!), 3-6, 10(!!).

Review by : Shahar

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