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June 26 , 2019
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Fahrenheit Project- part three

 ( Ultimae ,  2002 )

1. Koala and Xentrix- Infinite Dream 7:30 2. Aes Dan- Undertow 6:41 3. H.U.V.A. Network- Morning Call (ambient version) 5:34 4. Cell- Spiritual Move 9:26 5. Solar Fields- Something Crystal 6:11 6. Toires- Nabab 6:05 7. Carbon Based Lifeforms- MOS 6581 8. Mystical Sun- Blue Magnetic Ocean 6:40 9. Solar Fields- Spiritual Ocean 5:37 10. Carbon Based Lifeforms- Metrosat 4 8:12

The third in the Fahrenheit Project series, but the first one for me (though I'm gonna try dig for the first two for sure), this is another excellent release from Ultimae. Why have this label's releases taken such a strong hold on my music listening time? While it is for sure a case of excellent timing, it's also a definite case of excellent music.
This compilation is spiraling slowly in soft hazy realms of unknown existence. The music just takes you to other places, journeying through magical soundscapes and making them totally visual.
Starting soft and melodic with the first two tracks, it dives into a more psychedelic and deep H.U.V.A. Network- excellent track. Than things get percussive with oriental touches in the totally hypnotic Spiritual Move (T4), staying hypnotic and psychedelic with the amazing Solar Fields track (T5) and going ethnic with the middle eastern Toires track. CBL present MOS 6581, my favorite here- heart-moving melodies and emotions in sounds. Mystical Sun continues in the same direction with an Aquatic hypnotic track, and then Solar Fields and CBL return for the second time for the more chilled and relaxed finale.
Excellent chill out release of the psychedelic kind that trancey minds will love on the way out from the party.

Recomendation:  Buy, clear a few hours, put on repeat, close your eyes and fly!!!
Favorites: 2, 3 (!), 4, 5, 7(!!), 8(!), 10.

Review by : Shahar

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