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June 26 , 2019
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Freshly Squeezed

 ( Tantrumm ,  May. 2006 )

1. Red – Sense Of Elements - 7:48 - 146 BPM 2. Furious – Noise Insect - 7:40 - 146 BPM 3. Orestis – Life (Rmx) - 8:35 - 147 BPM 4. Polyphonia – Pentagram - 7:27 - 152 BPM 5. Jelly Headz – Kapitalist - 6:26 - 152 BPM 6. Chaching – Alien love Parade - 6:49 - 150 BPM 7. Kindzadza – Sweet Dreams - 7:09 - 148 BPM 8. Stranger – Dramatica - 6:21 - 148 BPM 9. Para Halu – Flash Dance (Rmx) - 10:44 - 150 BPM 10. Hishiryo – S.A.N. - 9:02 - 150 BPM

Freshly Squeezed is the 1st release of Tantrumm Records, that goes already with more 2 releases, the Peace for the Wicked, collaboration with Osom music, and Tempus Viator, plus a new album, the debut album, I think, from Jelly Headz – Pollution Violence Technology. This is one of the best releases so far from this year, it surprised me by it’s variety as well has the wide spectre of artists. The bpm’s on this one go from 146 to 152 bpms. I really enjoyed all of the tracks with no exception, that’s why I consider one of the best releases so far.
We start this CD, with the track by Red - Sense of Elements, not very fast, ideal to start this compilation. Next we move into Furious – Noise Insect, not to fast too, nice acid waves, good psychedelic on it...ideal to the beginning of a night of strong emotions. Orestis come on track n.º3, and I must say, this artist have been surprising me, by the quality of his music, I have never heard a track from him, that I didn’t enjoy, he gives fresh air into the scene. Nice 1:27 minutes intro, good changes of baselines, the breaks are delicious, and the psychedelic is yummy to my ears. Following this track we have Polyphonia, from Greece, strong music is their middle name, always pumping track and it is a certain dance floor madness. Fábio and Karim make the Jelly Headz family, whom are about to release an album also in Tantrumm Records. Just love the rolling drums used in this one, the work in the bass lines is superb, they show that they are capable of wonders in the making of music. Next we have a 5 collaboration track, a Project that goes by the name of Chaching - Alien Mental + Naked Tourist + Ocelot + Mubali – start with a funny sample, which I was not able yet to discover where did it calmed from, the rest is just pure psychedelia, what you can imagine in today’s music, is all in there…acid lines, work on kicks, change of baselines, everything that “screws” your head at 150 bpm…what would you expect from such collaborations?
Sweet Dreams is Kindzadza style, no doubt, not one of his fastest tunes, this goes by 148, but an excellent track... Reminds me of the early tracks he made, but more refined. Dramatrica, was one of the tracks I really enjoyed listening in Boom Festival, if I am not mistaken I think it was Amanda who spin it, and only in a big, big sound system I realize of the good work this track has, it doesn’t need to be high on bpm’s to put you high, and the sample around 1:20 minute is just delicious (yummy Sandoz laboratories). Sometimes I feel a little bit frustrated not being able to find the words to describe music, because I think only listening to this music people will understand it, well music speaks for itself.
Track n.9 is from Para Halu, and once again a dance floor monster, exceptionally good for the dance floor, in the middle it has a build up of strong emotions, this is Para Halu style, you won’t be disappointed on this one. And to conclude we have an astounding track by Hishiryo, just magnificent to spin/hear in the morning, very peaceful, but not fluffy, a great wok, in this one + the bonus, of a sample of opera, by Lucciano Pavarotti, I think, but I can be mistaken, but it is awesome. Listen to this track.

Recomendation:  I would like to say that I have heard several of this tracks played in festivals (Boom), and parties and they all work on the dance floor. Also I would like to add, that the cover is very nice, a little bit different from the psychedelic images, we are used to, but very good indeed. This compilation risks being one of the best of this year.

Review by : a3k

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