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February 25 , 2021
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Funtech - Playnice

 ( Funtech ,  Nov. 2000 )

1. Ahava La Netzah 7:04 2. Diamonds and Pearls 7:37 3. Ha Eadan Ha Matok 5:09 4. Be Sababi Lelakek 5:37 5. Erotic Diner 6:08 6. Underground Resistance 7:36 7. Acrobat Builder 8:55 8. French Disco 9:20 9. Neptune Kingdom 10:19 10. Zorhim 6:54

It's been a long long time and a long long wait… But- Edi Mis is back! Together with Lazy B. and some real veteran guests (Eitan Mahleb, Tal Cohen Alloro, and some more) he produced a real nice winter time CD- totally freestyle electronic music touching all styles without getting stuck in a specific one. It was worth the wait...

Ahava La Netzah (love for eternity, in Hebrew) is a great dubby jazzy opener- a perfect winter 'snuggle under the covers' track. Diamonds and Pearls (T2) that follows is a rougher piece of music, still funky and groovy, but with a powerful kick and a James Bond atmosphere. Psychedelic Art of Noise, with a bonus dirty rock'n'roll guitar to rough it up. Great stuff! Ha Eadan Ha Matok (T3, the sweet age, in Hebrew) is like a travel back in time for me in atmosphere, reminds me of old times in dark clubs listening to alternative electronic techno industrial music. This is just different, the lyrics are strong and defying, and the contempt for the system is strongly felt. Be Sababi Lelakek (T4, to lick with fun, in Hebrew) has a very African tribal feeling floating around, very groovy piece that smells of alcohol and cigarettes. Just sit, sway your head and clap your hands with everybody else. Erotic Diner (T5)- boogie woogie, funky punky, gotta start moving your butt here- "Is that a gun in your pocket? Or you just glad to see me?"- Real sexy stuff! Great track, and very arousing! A change in atmosphere comes with Underground Resistance (T6), hosting veterans Eitan Mahleb & Tal Cohen-Alloro- things get hypnotic and dark in this powerful driving piece, at 120bpm this is the perfect opener for a party, will surely start people moving about. Acrobat Builder (T7) is my favorite here and a real weird one. It's written by the guys & Ralph Naim and starts with electronic ocean sound, builds up slowly and then takes a real psychotic technoy turn, with amazing operaic vocals. This track just has so much presence. French Disco (T8) is the most danceable track here probably- the kick is just so powerful yet so soft. Happy happy stuff, groovy and jumpy, and very very psychedelic with the cutest sound & mind games, spooky & jazzy- I'm out of words in short.... Amazing track- keeps changing all the time, and still keeps it together! Neptune Kingdom (T9) is in a very light atmosphere, and still psychedelic as it gets, a very hallucinogenic underwater adventure, prepare your scuba gear and dive. Oh, and keep your eyes open! To finish this CD we get Zorhim (Shining, in Hebrew), a nice drum 'n' bassy piece for the morning people. Translating freely, it goes something like this: "We're awake, fixing for you the things, your coming and going, enter the party all ready, we are shining, giving you great things. Enjoy! You're alive!!!".

Recomendation:  Refreshing, interesting and original. With an immense diversity in sounds, styles and ideas, yet very much together, and to top it all- great for winter. If you want to expand your mind and feelings- get this. A real runner for the best Israeli electronic release of 2000, added in the last moment!

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 5(!), 6, 7(!), 8-10.

Review by : Shahar

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