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July 14 , 2024
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Future Prophecy - Freak

 ( Mad Dog / BNE ,  Aug. 2000 )

1. Work of Art 3:08 2. Assign 2 8:22 3. Radio Station 8:06 4. 8PM 8:41 5. Rock & Roll Ride 9:17 6. On the Edge 8:11 7. Funk Me 8:00 8. Keep the Frequency (L.S.D) 7.25 9. Blue Side of Me 7:53

The fourth album for the Elazar brothers from Be'er-Sheva, the desert capital in the south in Israel, showing development in sound and production- this is pure dancefloor material, so be ready to jump around.

The CD opens with a three minutes' vocal intro, nice but a bit too dramatic. Assign 2 (T2) follows with electronic whips through the vocal curtains. The horn blows as the ship enters the harbor and will remind the veterans among us of the Overlords' God's Eye on Goa. It is a bit overused here though, and gets annoying. The whole track feels like old Goa time, but the bass line & kick tells you immediately though, that you're dealing with Future Prophecy and the present, and that they mean business. Radio Station (T3) is real business time- dark & mechanic, immense bass, psychedelic phasers, things swishing back and forth, and a relentless pounding to send you digging near the speakers. One of my favorites here. 8PM (T4) starts pretty much in the same direction, with psychedelic zippers over a very bouncy beat. About halfway through the track enters the very recognizable FP sound from Shadows, and things start to clear up a bit, and build up slowly to a lighter bouncy feel. Nice one. Rock & Roll Ride (T5), is my favorite here- you understand this is no time to rest immediately- flapping tin shits, massive relentless kicking, flying sounds going back and forth, right and left, a creepy sampled break, and BOOM! Fat enveloping sounds all around you, and the sample ensures you- "you're alright!"- great track. On the Edge (T6) is a more happy and jumpy one featuring Marcus the Delta man. The track enters with strength fullpower, it stays very powerful all the way, and there's a lot more groove, as well. But somehow, the track is pointless in the end. Still a nice one, and will surely storm a dancefloor. Funk Me (T7) is very much in tune with Shadows, again scratches and zippers, very FP like melody in the background, with fine metallic sound to it. The already recognized FP, very X-Dream like, bass & kick is here as well, but apart from that nothing really. Keep the Frequency (T8) promises to be the biggest "hit" of this CD, an exploding full on track, beautifully built with great samples (and that vocal from Astral Projection's Mahadeva), and moving powerful sounds. Gotta move on this one- another favorite here. Blue Side of Me (not Green as the inner sleeve says) ends the album, a very powerful grinding kick right from the start, great hi-hats and a lot of sounds playing games with you, till the break, and the emotional opening melody.

Recomendation:  This is the most mature release of the duo, sound-wise and production-wise, with some killer dancefloor tracks for night time and day time. It lacks in the album feel, though. And I find that both Shadows and Seeds of Rage were better in that sense.

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 5, 8, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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