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February 25 , 2024
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Future Prophecy - Seeds of Rage

 ( Big Foot / Helicon ,  1998 )

1. Akasha 5:59 2. Seeds of Rage 8:38 3. Brahman 8:26 4. Jiva 8:48 5. Maya 7:55 6. Viveka 9:13 7. Varuna 8:05 8. Advaita 8:31 9. Indra 6:44

I must confess, I was quite the skeptic upon receiving this CD, due to the fact that my previous encounter with this group was not too enjoyable. To my best recollection, Future Prophecy’s first album sounded too simple and hollow and left a minimum effect on me in the few times I’ve heard it. Thus, imagine my surprise to hear this second attempt. This is one album that gradually gets a hold of you and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.
In the beginning, darkness was upon the Earth, say’s Akasha (T1), a slow and mellow groove, through which one has no idea where this may lead. Lightning zippes across the sky and a great storm is coming as Seeds of Rage (T2) kicks in with great fury and vengeance and showers you with a massive base line of chainsaw mayhem.

Brahman (T3), releases a mighty typhoon with 100 mph winds, using great build up synth lines that twirl upwards all through the track. No time to rest cause Jiva (T4) already throws in a bouncy feel to the whole thing and the storm builds up momentum.

Maya (T5), calms things down a bit with a mellow tune that is the eye in the middle of a tornado on the loose, slowly building up speed and energy. Viveka and Vruna(Ts 6 &7), add a bit of psychedelic colors to the picture with meatier sounds and heavier groove but do little to lift the spirits. This, a job left for Advaita and Indra (Ts 8 & 9). The first being a simple but effectively optimistic piece, and the last being an absolute knock out, true “sunshine after the rain” sort of thing, with calling melody that stays with you long after you have switched off the CD player.

Recomendation:  This is an excellent album, by any standard. Its unique in it’s sound that combines chainsaw guitars and lightning whiplashes together with mellow melodies, and it definitely has it’s own way of telling a story. Listen to this CD for a few times and get used to the sound and the story will then quickly unfold. This album shows fine attention to details and provides you with plenty of music to research every time you listen to this. Least I forget, it’s quite danceable too.

Favorite tracks:2(!), 3(!), 5, 9(!).

Review by : GuyShanti

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