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February 25 , 2024
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GBU - Wanted

 ( Twisted ,  Nov. 2006 )

1. Boing - 6:21 2. Mum and Dad - 7:23 3. Side Chain Reaction - 6:08 4. DDDR&B (GBU rmx) - 7:02 5. Guided Bomb Unit - 6:45 6. Pura Vida Interlude - 2:33 7. Quick Bounce - 7:50 8. Universe - 7:33 9. Scarface Market - 7:15 10. Scope - 7:34 11. Fuse - 8:08 12. GBU Theme - 3:05

The Good, Bad and Ugly (GBU) are Frederic Dado Holyszewski, Serge Souque & Dimitri Nakov. These guys are well known in the scene for a long time, Dado is the man of one million projects, Serge (Antidote) is the king of steadiness and Dimitri is probably the most famous DJ in the world. Together they are GBU, an old project that only after 6 years of existence is releasing their debut album, through nothing less than Twisted Records, the top psychedelic trance label based on United Kingdom.
Since the beginning GBU is surrounded by a "cowboy vibe", and this albumís cover catch this idea very well. It was designed by Rewind Ltd.

Reviewing this huge album is not an easy task; it contains 12 tracks with over 77 minutes of music, including two tracks for fun which are Pura Vida Interlude (T6) and GBU Theme (T12). As usual with all Twisted releases the quality of the release is top notch, it sounds really fat. Boing (T1) is the first track, it clocks at 145 BPM as most of the tracks here, and its bass is really original and good to dance, making it a perfect choice to start the journey. Mum and Dad (T2) is much more dance floor oriented and in the end it set the dance floor on fire with its fierce bass lines. And the music goes on these lines, each track highlighting a different aspect of the music, for example Side Chain Reaction (T3) is more groovy, the remix to DDDR&B is more dance floor oriented and is being played all over the world, Guided Bomb Unit (T5) is more psychedelic and twisted, Scope (T10) is slower, more like Antidote's music and Fuse (T11) is sort of a approach into the progressive realms.
My real favorite tracks are Universe (T8) and Quick Bounce (T7) which are both psychedelic and different, but this is really difficult to decide, because each track in this diverse album fits better a different mood.

Pura Vida Interlude (T6) brings us back the sample of the famous Pura Vida track, which is really trippy. The GBU Theme is a journey into the chill realms, with soft beats and an atmosphere that makes me feel like I'm on a movie.

Briefly, this is an excellent release for the full on crowd, surely not the most innovative album out there, but due to its diversity, sound quality, effectiveness and the absence of "fluffiness", it does stand out as one of the best releases of 2006.

Recomendation:  This album is recommended for everyone who's into psytrance, especially those full on hardcore fans. It features 12 previously unreleased tracks in top quality, it is packed with some cool ideas and the most important is that it's very well executed. It's a Twisted Records release, do I need to say anything else? Really worth checking.

Favorite tracks:all of them.

Review by : full_on

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