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March 1 , 2021
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 ( Phonokol ,  Nov. 2004 )

1. Hypersonic & Dynamic- Inside Me 7:32 2. Alien vs. The Cat- AC Lator (Dynamic rmx) 7:35 3. Dynamic- Dynamic Sound 7:08 4. Eskimo & Cycle Sphere- 13 Monkeys 8:10 5. Alien Project- Massive Passive 7:18 6. Dynamic & Cycle Sphere- Electro Waves 7:26 7. Trinitix & Bigabo- Drugs 6:29 8. Star-X- Exit 7:40 9. Dynamic- Plant Ben 6:19

Here we go again, and this time with a Phonokol album. Compiled by Ben Avital (Dynamic), one of the top names of the morning full on, Ben is releasing lots of tracks these days both as Dynamic and Dynamo (Dynamic +
Eskimo). The cover of this release shows us a distorted Net pattern, which fits well the compilation name. The CD is plain black, I liked it. Unfortunately this compilation couldn't start in a worse way, the first track is one of the most commercial tracks ever, filled with pop euro trance vocals and lacking psychedelic elements, so let's just skip it. In the next track things gets a little better, I'm not a big fan of the Alien vs The Cat project, but this remix is far beyond the original, more sounds layers were added and Ben did a new bass work, so that this can make me dance. Dynamic Sound is even better, lots of different and efficient bass lines over many psychedelic sounds... Now I'm really enjoying this release, this dance floor
smasher makes me jump and smile. One of my favorites! Eskimo and Cycle Sphere bring us a 148 bpm that sometimes sounds like 140 bpm... Great job on the breaks of this track, nice melodies, and the sample from the movie 12 Monkeys is something I always tried to tell my girlfriend: "I know some things that you don't know... It's gonna be very difficult for you to understand it." Another favorite to play at parties.
I like the atmosphere created by the melodies of Massive Passive, sounds better to my ear than most Alien Project tracks these days, not empty, but a little bit repetitive. Not problem at all, because DJ Ben and Cycle Sphere come back with a new kick/bass combo at 145 bpm. This music gives continuity
to the CD's aura of happiness, and the break after the sample from the movie Resident Evil shakes my head and for sure will do the same with any dance floor. I keep dancing on next track, but I must confess I never heard before of Trinitix and Bigabo. In spite of getting pissed for being unable to understand the sample at the start, I liked the track, some new ideas and a different track structure: it seems we have some innovation here. Star-X arrives with another favorite, I'm get happy just by listening to this elaborated morning full on track with several layers of psychedelic elements, colorful melodies and samples from the movie Resident Evil. Another one that makes me fly... Dynamic comes back one more time with a much slower track, only 140 bpms and a bass line very similar to Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer... Naive track, but I
liked it, the melody makes me smile and I found it very good for home listening. What?!? The CD is already over? Just can't believe it, only 66 minutes of music, I think we really deserve more than that!

Recomendation:  Recommendation: This release brings us some powerful and melodic full on tracks. Phonokol Records is aiming at a bigger crowd and we can't deny the commercial appeal of this release, but the fact that it works at the dance floors is undeniable too. It's not a heavy psychedelic release and this makes it good for home listening.
Favorites: 3(!!), 4, 6(!), 7, 8(!!), 9.

Review by : full_on

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