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June 27 , 2019
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Goe - Alien Breeze

 ( Psychedelic System ,  May. 2009 )

1. Alien Mindworms 8:45 2. High Voltage 8:05 3. Indamix 7:08 4. Littlzis 7:07 5. Futurepop 8:12 6. Hyperion 7:33 7. Centuria 8:36 8. Donar 7:30 9. Shakya 7:49 10. Intentions 8:00

Lukas Keller from Switzerland started his project GOE in 1999 after an inspirational trip to Goa, India. He now produces uplifting full on trance. In the summer of 2003 he performed his first live act and he now keeps on pushing the party people, where to, I donít know.
This album is one of many contributions to the full on trance trend, and it has a pleasant production with vocals that I suspect can have some effects worth checking out if youíre into stuff like that. The BPMs all flow in 144 except the last track, Intentions, which lowers it to 140. Intentions is definitely the best track on the album because it indulges in more variation and melodies that sort of smell complex, and the choruses and glass sounds are more than welcome in an overall generic party album for the clubbers of mainstream full on. I do feel that the album-art made by Lukas himself is very pleasant, simple and cute, which in respect reflects the content perfectly. It might not be very complex overall, but it has a certain charm that can please lovers of this party genre.
The first track, Alien Mindworms , is also one that almost makes me and my personal taste happy as it starts out strong and interesting with sounds and psychedelic atmospheres that are really nice and promises something fresh. As the album spins you will hear that its theme is uplifting full on with enough voice samples that either will make you push eject, or youíll love it. Thereís also some simple and maybe over the edge of melodic cheesiness scattered around covered in lifts well known for this genre. As mentioned the production is strong with powerful kicks and bass lines that sound cool but falls in the generic bin. Sometimes it also offers funky grooves with swirling climaxes in outer space atmospheres, which is to be expected because of the cute aliens are present on the cover.

Recomendation:  Over the years Goe's music became trendier and improved in quality. The sounds are indeed sharp and sugar sweet, but unfortunately in my opinion the sound is way too simple and empty. In retrospect though, Lukas did the entire job by himself on the album and he is also the man behind the artwork which like the music inside, is cute and simple with one fresh colour. So whatís the problem with this release? Well, for me itís about the mainstream candy-rave vibe present. All in all this is banging stuff, but not my cup of acid.

Favorite tracks:1, 10.

Review by : Psytones

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