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June 26 , 2019
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Hadracadabra 4

 ( Hadra ,  Feb. 2009 )

1. Kularis- Timemover 6:53 2. Atomic Pulse & Shanti- Extended Vision chapter II (Fatali & Atomic Pulse rmx) 8:15 3. Snorkies- Ding Ding 7:27 4. Reality Grid- Pionealer 6:51 5. Shotu & Rev- Buggy bouncer 6:25 6. EVP & Shotu- Lost Hardware (Shotu rmx) 7:22 7. Barak- Space Shock 7:58 8. A-Team- Taam Shel Paam 8:53 9. D-Root- Eruption 7:52 10. Sensifeel- Crime Business 7:00

Itís time for the fourth Hadracadabra compilation from Hadra. You gotta love the title! As with the previous compilations in the series, youíll find here tracks covering the whole spectrum of psychedelic trance. With artists like Kularis, D-Root and Sensifeel providing for the more progressive part, there is also some more regular full on here, with Atomic Pulse & A-Team. The somewhat darker side of things is provided by Snorkies, Reality Grid, Shotu, Rev & EVP. Barak brings a balance between dark and light. Diversity in itself is not enough, but fortunately the tracks that are on offer here are all nice and good examples of their respective genres. They are all also previously unreleased, so for collectors thereís joy in here as well. Mastering is nice and clear and I love the artwork on this compilation. I have a weak spot for the Kularis, Atomic Pulse, EVP & Shotu and D-Root tracks but the rest are great too. Biggest surprise here is Sensifeel who delivers a slower track than usual with a funky edge to it. As said, this compilation is diverse and goes through some distinct phases. It starts of melodic with the first two tracks and then goes to darker territories with tracks 3-6 and from track 7 it turns more melodic again, finally gaining in funk with the last two tracks. It all ends smooth with Sensifeel and youíre left feeling pretty satisfied. At least, I was.

Recomendation:  Overall, this is nice value for your money. What is on offer here is a diverse compilation with all unreleased tracks. There is a lot to be enjoyed here, so my advice would be to check this one out!

Review by : Acidhive

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