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June 26 , 2019
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HiFi 2

 ( High End Records ,  Jun. 2006 )

1. SMS - Optimized - 142 - 8:02 2. Hyperceptiohm - Next Code - 145 - 7:35 3. Skulptor - You have to be Mine - 145 - 8:31 4. Audio X vs Life Style - Stereo-Type - 145 - 7:35 5. Skulptor vs SMS - Enviroment Catastrophe - 145 - 8:15 6. Interactive - Ground Zero - 147 - 6:53 7. Skulptor - We want your Soul - 144 - 8:08 8. Explorer vs Digital Progress - Chaos in Paradise - 144 - 7:54 9. Setherian - Feed Forward - 142 - 8:27 10. Oxyd - Interlock - 138 - 8:09

I arrive at my home and what a pleasant surprise: in my mailbox is the second compilation of the "Hi Fi Series", by the Brazilian label High End Records. High End Records is probably the best Brazilian label, and is being releasing music by Brazilian artists for some years now. The album was compiled by DJ Lipe Forbes, who's well known around the world by the name of his main project Skulptor. Lipe Forbes is one of the pioneers in the production of psytrance music in Brazil, and in my opinion he is between the 3 best Brazilian psytrance artists, not to mention that he is also an experienced DJ.
In fact, the name of this compilation is "HIFI 2 - Brazilian Trance Guide", and this is written on the cover in white and blue with a lot of silver details. The cover has the two initial letters of the 27 Brazilian states and territories, also it has special thanks to a lot of Brazilian cities.
The responsibility to start the music and set the pace of the whole album is in the hands of Thiago Nakashima aka SMS, which in my opinion has good taste in choosing the sounds and its place in the music. This first track develops itself into a contagious sequence of sounds, Optimized to make me smile. The other tracks follow this line, except by "Stereo-Type" (T4) and "Ground Zero" (T6) which are more straight forward full on. All Skulptor tracks are good, I don't like the vocals on "You have to be mine" (T3), but I know it's his style and it is very well executed. When Lipe and Thiago join forces we can see a rare kind of "Environment Catastrophe" that can make the Greenpeace dance. Another highlight is the Setherian track, his 142 sounds faster and joyful to dance. And finally Oxyd made an excellent job here, closing this compilation with a groovy progressive atmosphere.
In short this compilation is the best Brazilian release this year, having a good production level, more than enough diversity and creativity, not to mention it presents only Brazilian artist, which once again proves we have talented artists, what we lack is a public with enough personality to recognize our own richness. For example, artists like Hyperceptiohm, Audio X and the veteran Setherian may not attract huge amounts of public to the parties, but surely they know how to tweak their music with passion, technique and a pinch of innovation, which in my opinion completely justify their place on this wonderful compilation. And the final thanks goes to High End Records, for packing more than 79 minutes of music inside this release, an example that all "famous and well-known" labels out there should follow.

Recomendation:  This release fits nearly all cases, unless you are a hardcore dark psytrance fan, you should check this release. The tracks here range from the Oxyd's beautiful progressive psy to the energetic and effective full on, passing through a more serious and groove approach with the SMS tracks. Definitely recommended.

Favorites: 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10.

Review by : full_on.

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