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November 1 , 2020
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Holy Men - Intelligence Genetics

 ( BNE ,  1998 )

1. Tarzan 9:50 2. N.S.S. 7:54 3. Micro Play 7:20 4. Comic Strip 8:12 5. Black Moon 10:29 6. Halloween 6:04 7. Abra Kadabra 6:45 8. The Best Seventy Three 7:30

There are many reasons for not liking this album: itís too catchy, too corny, too shallow, and associated with the very wrong end of trance, i.e arsim and kidsí music. BUT itís a work of genius. For what it is Ė itís the best- the top of Trance Victorious.
It all starts pretty badly. Tarzan (T1) is not up to the standard of the rest of this album. Its nice when first heard but never again. Itís silly, to put it bluntly. Things pick up very quickly, though. N.S.S (T2) is a brilliant piece of high energy that starts an excellent journey through the life full Micro Play (T3), and ends with the number 1 hit of summer 98, the party anthem, Comic Trip (T4). You just gotta love it. Black Moon (T5) is a nice step of the high branch, a powerful atmospheric piece that lets you catch your breath for the rest of the party. The optimistic Halloween (T6) and the magical (and so named) Abra Kadabra (T7), which in my mind is the best track on this album. Its got the best groove and tune that you just gotta move to. The Best Seventy Three (T8) is a brave attempt to create something different. Its off beat tempo and sound-trackish melody make it into a unique stomp which is a fitting way to end this CD.

Recomendation:  This is a wicked album. I love it for its energy, its freshness, for the fact that you can dance this like thereís no tomorrow, and for the wonderful melodies that Holly Shwartz has come up with. His is a very melodic kind of trance that relies on the music doing the trancing, with only the minimum needed of sound effects. But the melodies are not of the tacky type- these are well structured and original tunes, full of life and a sense of humor, that make this album sound so together. It seems to work. I love this album, but thatís my problem. May The Shwartz Be With YouÖ

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4, 7, 8.

Review by : GuyShanti

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