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October 23 , 2018
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Hujaboy - Cut the Power

 ( TIP World ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Where To? 8:15 2. Digitazaurus Trax 8:14 3. Little Bang 6:37 4. Cut the Power 7:06 5. MK Ultra 8:29 6. In this World 7:51 7. Wonder Sack 7:21 8. Love in Limbo 7:01 9. Supreme Beings 7:26 10. Eat the Future 8:52

Hujaboy’s new album caught me by surprise. I had no warning that it was about to be released, I should have paid better attention, for it was about time. After his incredible album Party Animals being released in 2006, it soon became one of the most played albums in the Brazilian scene, from big festivals to indoor events. The album was so good that its track Unreal quickly made its way to the sets of the most respected Brazilian DJs. A year and half later he released Black Belt, and as its predecessor, it was acclaimed as one of the most concise releases of 2007. Hujaboy had positioned himself between the most prestigious Israeli artists, touring the world and pleasing the psyheads with his music at the biggest festivals. Now, another year and half later it is time to Cut the Power, his most mature release and best album. Why? First because of its enormous potential as a DJ tool, most tracks are extremely effective on the dance floor while still having a twisted psychedelic edge. If you’re willing to dance your ass off I’m sure Huja’s live act is the one you’re looking for. Second, because the album is coherent, elaborate in a concise style, no cheese and no fillers. And finally, the production level is incredibly high, and the sparklingly clean mastering by Domestic (Ido Ophir) was perfect. A prominent characteristics of this album is the psychedelic sound games Hujaboy manage to execute with an impressive precision, making it sound natural. I feel like I should make a copy of my original copy to be able of playing all tracks one after the other at the parties. In short, in my book Cut the Power is the best psychedelic full on album released in the first half of 2009.

Recomendation:  Once again Hujaboy delivers high quality music, establishing himself as the biggest name on TIP World right now. Up to now, the best full on release of the year. No excuses, go for it!

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2(!), 3, 6(!), 7, 8, 9(!), 10(!).

Review by : full_on

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