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June 27 , 2019
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Human Blue - misStArRyAs Xperience

 ( Transient ,  Oct. 2006 )

1. Womb - 9:21 2. Black_Valley.org - 8:30 3. Therpsichore - 8:38 4. Zero_tonic passion - 9:49 5. Disco Code - 9:11 6. Das Fingerwaltz - 9:17 7. Galactic Fire - 9:16 8. Weightless Waitress - 9:44

Human Blue is Dag Wallin, an experienced producer that released a lot of tracks on different mediums for a long time. I think it's safe to call him a veteran in our beloved psyscene, after all itís his fifth album. This is the second release of Transient Records after its resurrection. Transient is a London based label that was inactive for about one year, but now it seems they are back. There is no mention to the tracks' time or bpms. The mastering was made by Charles Michaud (Triptych/Solead/Motion) and everything seems to be at the right spot. The artwork was made by Fredrik Oscarsson (mblem) and shows a plane from Human Blue Airlines, a fictitious trip company that guaranties a non stop service for your ear.

The album begins at 138 bpm with Womb, a long melodic journey with a proggy touch, this clearly exposes the album diversity. Right now I just forgot about all those killa full on tunes, this is deep, involving psychedelic music. The next 4 tracks oscillate between 142 and 143 bpm, and the last 3 tracks are slower ranging from 140 to 136 bpm. The music does not hit you and run, it approaches you slowly and talks to you, allowing you to answer in your own introspective language.
Maybe dropping some words about my favorite tunes will give you all a better picture of this stunning release. Black_Valley.org was the first one to really catch me, it happened the first time I heard the online samples. It's a steady track, with a pinch of that old Goa atmosphere, focused on structure and melodies. Zero_tonic passion's melodies haunt me these days, it stays in my mind, not to mention it's wonderful to dance to. Disco Code is the first track with spoken samples, a little bit more energy and maybe the most dance floor friendly track in the album. Das Fingerwaltz is another favorite here, it definitely sounds like progressive psytrance to me, and itís one of the most psychedelic as well. Iím sure a lot of people will fall for Therpsichore and Weightless Waitress (excellent track name) as well, maybe even me in a couple of weeks. This album is exceptionally good for home listening, maybe because all tracks have a well worked intro, and develop slowly, giving the impression of a continuous flow. Congratulations to Transient Records for releasing this amazing album.

Recomendation:  I recommend this release to everyone, specially if you like full on music based on structure rather than on build ups and explosions this was developed for you. What we have here is 74 minutes of carefully engineered and previously unreleased.

Review by : full_on.

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