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June 26 , 2019
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Hypnotwist - compiled by Atyss

 ( Sonic Motion ,  Feb. 2009 )

1. Noisy Pipes- No Transpose 146bpm 8:26 2. Zion Linguist- Black Jack 148bpm 7:23 3. Triskell- Chips Ďn Twist 146bpm 7:32 4. Toxic- Mayhem 146bpm 7:29 5. Phatmatix- Behind You 145bpm 7:04 6. Killer Buds- Kimís Special 147bpm 7:56 7. Atyss- Room 237 146bpm 8:28 8. Orca- Hat Madder 145bpm 7:37 9. Deeper In Zen- Razzer 145bpm 6:29

Hypnotwist is the third compilation from Sonic Motion Records, a fairly young label releasing more dark and twisted psytrance. Anyway, more night time psytrance on offer here, but more in the South African kinda style. Compiled by Atyss, a long term psytrance DJ, according to the promotext anyway. Iíve never really heard of him, but since Iím not so into the party scene that might not be strange. With artists like Zion Linguist, Phatmatix, Toxic and Killer Buds you know what to expect and this compilation delivers nicely. Itís fairly dark for a compilation like this and perfectly twisted. Thereís loads of drive in most of the tracks and a lot of the tracks have twisted psychedelic melodies at their ending, which sounds great. Special mention has to go to Mayhem from Toxic (T4), which starts with an electric guitar and has a perfectly twisted feel to it. That one is among my favorites here. But talking about favorites, Iíd be hard pressed to really name those. There is not a single weak track on here. Mayhem only stands out because of the in your face guitar sample at the beginning, but all the tracks have that twisted feeling. The compilation also has a nice sense of flow to it, very much like a DJ set. It all starts a little more laidback and dark with Noisy Pipesí No Transpose, but when Zion Linguist takes control with Black Jack (T2) things progress nice and twisted until the end, Razzer by Deeper In Zen, that rounds the compilation off nicely.

Recomendation:  If you like the style that producers like Zion Linguist, Phatmatix or Killer Buds produce, then you are going to have a good time with this. There are loads on offer here, almost 70 minutes of twisted South African like dark psytrance. If youíre looking for some more twisted stuff then be sure to add this to your collection!

Review by : Acidhive

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