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October 23 , 2018
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Inner Action - Liquid Hologram

 ( Procyon ,  Oct. 2005 )

1. Liquid Hologram. 2. Inside. 3. Crazy Sequence. 4. The Future Is Now. 5. Private Party. 6. Electronic Shadow. 7. Blast. 8. The Vision, 9. Silver Stone.

Inner Action is Nitzan Schahaf and Roy Engel, both from the same town at Israel, however the meet in the USA and now live and produce the music in Barcelona, Spain. This is Procyon Records' third release, the two previous releases were compilations released almost 2 years ago, which means Procyon crew spent a long time searching for their first Artist album release. The bpm of each track is printed on the CD case insert sleeve. The mastering was made by Lior Perlmutter (Astral Projection) and sounds nice. The cover shows an abstract picture, something like a ball of fire going into hyperspace.
The album starts at 145 bpm, some effects and noises, an average bass line. Everything become more interesting after the sample: "The following program contain some strong strange language, if you're easily offended please turn off your radio now. If not, turn it up!" An intense bass line strikes and we got some very danceable dance floor madness... It goes nice until the "slower part" in the middle of the track, which I don't like, but the last build up is good. Inside (T2) is more on the night side of the trance floor. Some interesting ideas in the track development, but I think that the middle could be better. The end is appropriated and obscure, real night stuff. The third track is an steadier night tune. The flow is nice, some trippy effects and continuous bass lines. A wicked melody appear sometimes, but nothing new under the sun. The future is Now (T4) is my style: intense full on. It sure makes me dance, and when I want to stop there comes an stronger bassline... Nice feeling after the sample: "This is part of this dream..." The guys used an weird approach in the end, the different layers of sounds works just fine. One of my favorites on this debut album, effective on the dance floor. Private Party (T5) is a collaboration with CPU and one of the best tracks here. I heard it was played on many Festivals all around the globe. The 145 bpm sounds much slower here until the characteristic sample: "This is a private party and you're not invited." The bass after the sample shake me. Everybody seems to like this track, however the slower part in the middle does not please me. No problem, the end is just as nice as the beginning, making this try high above the average. Then we have the slower track here (T6), 144 bpm. My kind of track, starts with a nice sample. Dark bass line, it's distortion disturbs me... This track is night full on, got some twisted sounds in it, I already heard it at parties and it works. Blast (T7) is another night tune that didn't catch me. Some cool effects, but overall not my style. The Vision (t8) is fast: 148 bpm. I think the effects really fit the bass. Nice unpredictable psychedelia here... Cool and almost melodic synths, this track is a nice journey! At first I didn't liked Silver Stone (T9), but with time it grew on me... Now I'm always pressing fast forward in the end of the previous track to listen this one. I guess it's the sample that I can't understand or maybe the whole track history, I don't know... What I know is that it makes me dance! Sure a nice way to end this debut album... Keep making stuff like this!

RecomendationInner Action's debut is more night music than what I had imagined. Good production level, some interesting ideas and effectiveness on the dance floors are the strong points of this debut. I recommend it for the full on DJ who also plays dark music (or vice-versa), because some tracks can be played in both cases. What could be improved is that the release contains only 9 tracks, which leave room for at least one more track or remix. Also some ideas could be better explored and developed into something more unique.
Favorites: 1, 4(!), 5(!), 6(!), 8, 9(!).

Review by : full_on.

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