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June 26 , 2019
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Inner Panic 2

 ( Manic Dragon ,  Jan. 2009 )

CD1 1. CPC- High 8:13 2. Gorump Peyya- Urtakopa 6:57 3. Savage Scream- Lost 7:55 4. Stranger- Panic Manic 6:36 5. Baphomet Engine- Mulambo 8:10 6. Ghreg on Earth vs. Mubali vs. Ocelot- Introspective 6:45 7. Stereographic- Science Fiction Becomes Real 7:23 8. Claw- No More Silence 7:19 9. Wing Ping- Tricky Touches 7:24 10. Far East Ghost- Center of Chaos 8:13 CD2 mixed by DJ Keiki 1. Far East Ghost- Center of Chaos 2. Ghreg on Earth vs. Mubali vs. Ocelot- Introspective 3. Claw- No More Silence 4. Wing Ping- Tricky Touches 5. Stereographic- Science Fiction Becomes Real 6. Stranger- Panic Manic 7. Savage Scream- Lost 8. CPC vs. Far East Ghost- Ground of Darknes 9. Gorump Peyya- Urtakopa 10. CPC- High 11. Baphomet Engine- Mulambo

From Manic Dragon comes this stormer of a compilation. Manic Dragon, as part of the Sonic-Dragon family, focuses on mainly nighttime excursions, and this compilation continues the tradition in this vein. The compilation consists of two CDs. The first an unmixed compilation, and the second a mix featuring all tracks from the first CD plus one track by CPC vs. FarEastGhost (Ground of Darkness). Mastering was done by Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios, so nothing is left to chance here. Indeed, the quality of the sound is second to none, and when skimming through the track list my mouth begins to water at the quality of artists gathered to make this compilation happen.

The first CD opens with a train picking up steam to get underway, and underway it gets. The overall feel of is what one would expect with an artist roster like this- high-octane, wicked nighttime madness. However, there are some elements which make this compilation stand out from others. The best example is the collaboration between Ghreg on Earth, Mubali and Ocelot (T6). Introspective is an apt title for the track, and it might work on some other tracks as well. What this compilation shows is that it can be possible to create night time psy without having to throw in the hardest synths. Rather, the interaction of the different elements as a whole creates an atmosphere of menace and energy which is perfect for dancefloors during those wee hours of the night. And this concept works for most tracks here. From the spectre like screeches in Gorump Peyya’s stomper UrtaKopa (T2), to the metallic madness in Baphomet Engine’s Mulambo (T5), on to Stereographic’s a-harmonic, haunting Science Fiction Becomes Real (T7). There’s a certain introspective quality to it that makes this compilation stand out from other releases in the genre. Especially Stereographic’s track is something from another dimension. Trippy stuff!
However, for those who like their night-time psy a bit more aggressive there are some very hot offerings as well. Stranger’s Panic Manic (T4) is a chaotic blend of psychotic beats which is sure to transport you to less sane states of mind. Last but not least is FarEastGhost with a balls-in-the-air stomper of huge proportions. If you like your cup of psy fast with insane BPM, this will be to your liking.

The mix CD is a nice touch, though something I am not too keen of. Though the mix is excellently done (technically), I personally only play mixes as background music. And for that purpose, this music doesn’t lend itself. However, I can imagine that some of you like to spin a mix once in a while, and for those of you this is a very considerate extra touch.

Recomendation:  All in all I can recommend this compilation to those who like their night-time psy with a bit more substance, without becoming fluffy. Surely this is a worthy addition to any collector of psychedelic music, and especially if you feel like having an out-of-this-world trip, this will get you to places you couldn’t imagine in your weirdest dreams. Good stuff!

Favorite tracks:2, 5, 6(!), 7(!!)

Review by : Timetwister

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