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June 24 , 2019
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Irukanji - Z Lisu

 ( Sentimony ,  Feb. 2009 )

1. Irukanji- Onset (in) 72bpm 4:01 2. Irukanji- Swamp 128bpm 7:07 3. Irukanji- Recapture the Past 90bpm 5:34 4. Irukanji- Return Home 90bpm 8:43 5. Irukanji- Hybrid Seven 100bpm 6:50 6. Irukanji- Nymphosis 120bpm 8:03 7. Irukanji- On One Wave 130bpm 7:48 8. Irukanji- Forest Speakers 130bpm 8:38 9. Sphingida- Crystal Silence 75bpm 4:08 10. Irukanji feat. NeiRula- End (out) 72bpm 7:39

For the sixth in their collection, Sentimony Records deliver a splendid album that is sure to delight the ears of ambient music lovers around the globe. Igor Orlovskiy, who is well known in the trance world a la Sphingida fame, debuts his solo skills in the form of Irukanji!
Z Lisu is an ornate piece, moving through many modes of electronic music without losing its cohesiveness or psychedelic spark. The album begins with a subtle rhythmic build and heady, wet sounds swirling around the mix; really setting the tone of the type of ambience that will define Irukanji. The intro leads into one of the real stars of the album, Swamp (T2). This shining product of musical alchemy has a dark dubstep frame with bizarre psytrance leads and a beautiful stuttering vocal sample, which provides a very colorful forefront to the piece. Moving along, it seems as though the tracks that would excite a dancey chillout DJ are in the first half of the album. Recapture the Past (T3) is sure to soon be a classic slow-trance track: door-knock kick, sixteenth note bass line, polished and unique trippy FX, and pretty but simple chord progressions. Return Home sounds more trip-hoppy and uplifting, but with a touch of grit; and my lovely electronically stuttering woman is back to bless this track as well. The next few tracks slowly pick up the tempo and seem to present themselves as rather varied and formless progressive trance tracks. Hybrid Seven (T5) is more meditative and calm, while Nymphosis is the kind of track that forces your energy level up. By the time On One Wave (T7) hits, the sun has set and the stars are beginning to show themselves in the vast mysterious night sky; this track is the cue for everyone at the festival to get out of their tents and come down to the dance floor! After this, the album fades away into abstraction. Forest Speakers has an odd non-standard beat and Irukanjiís now signature stuttering woman makes her final appearance. We then have a beatless transition into the outro, which is much like the intro and provides closure to the story that has just been told.

Recomendation:  I would highly recommend this album to beat-driven, abstract, and progressive ambient fans alike. I have already gotten much enjoyment out of this one particularly because itís so unique and unpredictable.

Favorite tracks:2-4.

Review by : Rob Vector

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