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March 3 , 2024
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Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 4

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  Dec. 1999 )

1. Faithless- God Is A DJ (Astral Projection remix) 9:48 2. Neptune- 95 FM 8:19 3. Neptune- Beyond Gravity 8:53 4. Fkafka- Beat of the Universe 7:45 5. Cardinal Groove- Cardiforia 8:13 6. Neptune- Fireball 8:14 7. SFX- Millennia 7:06 8. Fkafka- Horizon 8:14 9. Domestic- Radioactive Kinder Bueno 7:17

The fourth in the TIT successful series turned out to be disappointing for me. It just seems that they rushed to release it and didn't excersie too much quality control. There is still some good stuff here that I'm happy to have.

The compilation starts with an Astral Projection track. This time it's the "instrumental" remix to Faithless's God is a DJ. The original remix appeared on Psychedelic Vibes 6, on TIT/Phonokol. This is a club hit, the production is perfect, the sound are massive, but personally I think a lot more could have been done with it. The guys are also here as SFX with Millennia (T7), a track that starts very interesting- groovy psychedelic sound games that combine great with the powerful Astral Projection beat. But somehow, the track disappears in the middle, and I would love to hear it go another way than that melody that sound too familiar already. In short- I just love the first half of the track, but... Neptune are Tomer Harpaz and Gil Brown- new duo- and they're represented here with 3 tracks, one that I find boring, one average, and one very good. 95 FM (T2), is happy and energetic (those hi-hats), some of the lines, though, sound too much like old Astral Projection who probably lent a helping hand or advice here. Beyond Gravity (T3), has the beat, the melodies, the atmosphere- it's nice, but just nothing special, and the "small step for man" sample is really overused. Fireball (T6), is a relentless full power bouncer with great guitar lines and non-stop head banging booms. A real strong one, sure to create epileptic effects in parties.
The Cardinal Groove track is just great, a very powerful stormer. Yigal Ashkenazi and Noam Levin are two mates of Ofer "Oforia" Dikovsky (they made some stuff together as Freekim), and you can feel Dikovsky's influence in the sounds. Killer bass line, relentless pounding, and a great long break with a great explosion to top it. No mercy here- start digging!
There are two tracks by another new artist, Fkafka, and frankly, I don't understand why they're here. Beat of the Universe (T4), is an oriental "nitzhonot" with quality production (which the bigger part of this genre lacks)- nothing interesting here. Horizon (T8) starts very emotional and uplifting, and sound like a track taken from the time when it all started in the beginning of the 90's. It turns to a melody that sounds too much like some other track, I can't put my finger on, and again goes "Nitzhonot".
Closing the compilation are two of the most promising talents in Israeli trance, Ido Ophir and Mickey Litvak (if only they start delivering more regularity...). Domestic's Radioactive Kinder Bueno, is a harsh change from the previous track. It hits you hard and psychedelic right from the start, progressive, minimalistic, spooky and creepy- a real good piece of night music to play with your mind.

Recomendation:  TCertainly not the best of this series really, but has three really good tracks, and some new promising sounds. There are better things around here in Israel (including a lot of new talents), that TIT could promote under this successful series, as they did in Israel's Psychedelic Trance, vol. III.

Favorite tracks:5, 6, 7, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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