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October 24 , 2018
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J.Viewz - Muse Breaks

 ( Deeplay ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. Under the Sun 5:19 2. Muse Breaks 5:09 3. Worth Light 5:01 4. When Silent it Speaks 5:19 5. Your Country 4:34 6. Room for Me, Roome for Sweets 6:19 7. Meantime 6:30 8. Sunswoop 6:02 9. Feeler 4:15 10. Two Steps Away 4:50 11. Protected 11:33

The future is here – or so it feels when I listen to J.Viewz’s music. The album starts off with the track “Under The Sun”. I suppose that before the future we must visit the past. I hear influences from the 60’s and 70’s all over this piece. Noa’s soothing voice along with a gentle guitar fiddle, reminds me of the musical “Hair”. This is an easy going track that groovy and simple enough to be the opener for things to come. “Muse Breaks” (T2) is well known for its Infected Mushroom dance floor remix. I must say that this version is superior in layers and quality to the remix. The structure is of a jungle track with so many audio manipulations and such a clever flow. Noa sings here again but this time Jah-Nathan joins in with a reggae rap. This is one of the highlights for me here – I’ve caught myself hitting back on to play it again even the first time I heard it. We relax a bit after the quick paced track and move along to “Worth Light” (T3), this is more of standard track I can totally see being played in any commercial radio. Really good work done here, excellent flow and ideas. Next up is “When Silent It Speaks”. The vocal work here is something that arrests my attention; almost like scatting – or maybe it is scatting the freestyle vocals are really interesting here. (T5) is another one of my favorites here. Such a laid back rhythm and melody. I like how organic and polished at the same time everything is. The feeling this track sends is really something else…. Top notch track. I heard “Room For Me Room For Sweets” on a previous compilation “Life Is…Creation” and was eager to hear this version… it sure sounded as good if not better then that one. J.Viewz moves on to a loungy track (T7), very relaxed atmosphere here and lots of audio games and tricks. The beat picks up a bit but stays super laid back. “Sunswoop” (T8) is a jazzy freestyle piece. Its gentle percussions and wild jazz build are something that with all the madness somehow keeps perfectly cohesive, definitely a highlight on the album. In “Feeler” Jonathan slows things down again. A loungy spacey ambience with some vocals that remind me of works from the 70’s. (T10) – “Two Steps Away” features exactly what is says: a two step rhythm, Noa’s singing on this is again very soothing. Her voice is blends so perfectly with the music, a pleasure to hear. The last track sends you away on a relaxed ending to the wonderful smooth voyage that was this album.

Recomendation:  I found it hard to describe the many layers and complexity of these tracks, I feel like I could go on about each track for about a paragraph each of actual analysis. The smoothness and perfection of sound quality is something else, a new level of production. The ideas are complex and yet the tracks are easy going and flowing. Diversity is another highlight here – many different styles all blended together….I usually am not a fan of singing, but Noa’s vocals fit amazingly in all tracks. She has a wonderful feel to her voice. This CD is a real gem... definitely a highlight of 2005 and a keeper.
Favorite tracks – ALL.

Review by : Gadi Vered.

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