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June 24 , 2019
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Jaia - Re:Works

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Dec. 2009 )

1. Mai Mai (Silicon Sound remix) 127bpm 9:03 2. Drifting Planet (Astronivo & DJ Slater remix) 128bpm 9:12 3. The Milky Way (feat. Aurora Borealis) 130bpm 8:36 4. Electric Sunrise (Even 11 remix) 128bpm 8:27 5. Serial Groover (Jaia live mix) 130bpm 8:40 6. Out of Orbit (Vibrasphere remix) 132bpm 8:16 7. Serial Groover (Kiwa remix) 133bpm 6:55 8. Drifting Planet (Martin Roth remix) 126bpm 10:17 9. L'invresse des Profondeurs (Blue Planet Corporation remix) 107bpm 8:12 Digital release bonus: 10. Hypnostatique (Jimmy Van M remix) 11. Out of Control (Kliment remix)

Jaia was always one of my favorite groups. My first Jaia was the classic Mohamour in Goa Vibes 3, but I really fell in love when I first heard the timeless Mai Mai in 1998 at a party (and squeezed the name of the track from the DJ), continued with the beautiful Blue Energy album and later the re-release of the 2CD Blue Energy/Blue Synergy, and totally consolidated with the amazing Le Chant Des Sirenes from Dakini's Sky Dancing- Nada Masala vol. 2. What did it to me was the dream quality the music always had that made it sound as if coming from another dimension, and the beautiful melodies and harmonies. Then Jean Michel left, and only Yannis was Jaia, and in 2005, after releasing the occasional compilation track, Fiction was released in Digital Structures. I liked it, it was a quality album and I still play it, but the connection wasn't the same, and maybe it was I who wasn't the same. So when a Jaia remix album on the quality Tribal Vision, coming as a warm up to a next Jaia album named The Dreamwalker landed here, I had to check it, especially with remixes to Mai Mai & L'invresse des Profondeurs (originally on the first Sky Dancing).
Making remix albums can be tricky, but this one is just good. It has good music, it flows, it feels as one unit, and it's clear it belongs to Jaia. It's an album, rather then a compilation.

It starts with the obvious, as Silicon Sound goes for Mai Mai- remixing a perfect track isn't easy, someone is always gonna be disappointed, but the outcome here is just good. It keeps the dreamy caressing quality and old school feel, but paints it in today's sounds and makes it more dancefloor friendly. Next follows a hypnotic remix by Astronivo and the man behind Tribal Vision, DJ Slater. I don't know the original but the remix here is one of my favourites. Then Yannis goes back to work with classic material. Aurora Borealis was a huge hit from 1994. I use to love the original and even more the Lunatic Acid mix (ancients like me might remember it from Kasbah's Trance Side of the Moon). The remix (T3) is a beautiful work, a great amalgamation of old and new. Very acid. Touches the heart and makes you wanna move. A smashing trio opener. Vibrasphere remix a track from the upcoming album, Out of Orbit (T6), and this combination of Vibrasphere & Jaia works beautifully and the outcome is a beautiful morphing of old and new that really touches me deep inside- a perfect sunrise track. One of those that bring tears to your eyes dancing in front of the rising sun. Besides that, if this is a sign of the coming Jaia album, then we're in for a treat. A real good appetizer here. Kiwa go electro on us, with they're remix to Serial Groover (T7) and change the tone here, but it's a good one, and the live mix from Jaia (T5) is also real nice. Martin Roth gives another hypnotic dancefloor mover with the second remix to Drifting Planet (T8). Another favourite. The CD ends with a remix to L'invresse des Profondeurs. The original appears on Dakini's Sky Dancing- Nada Masala vol. 1- a beautiful dreamy track only Jaia could make. BPC's remix is a very nice one keeping the dream feel of the original in an old school downtempo feel and sound. I like it a lot and it makes you wanna repeat your listening experience.

For those who go for digital there are extra two remixes. They're both nice, but they were left out of the CD for a reason, I guess. I don't feel the CDs is missing something for not having them.

Recomendation:  Excellent remix album. Six very good to excellent tracks out of nine, that's a real achievement these days. The rest is good stuff as well. Highly recommended musical journey with some classic moments to remember. Waiting for the coming Jaia album.

Favorite tracks:1(!!), 2, 3(!), 6(!!), 8, 9(!).

Review by : Shahar

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