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August 23 , 2019
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Jean Borelli - Devil Inside Me EP

 ( Iboga ,  Jul. 2009 )

1. My Devil Inside 7:43 2. Back on Track 8:06 3. New Direction 6:46

The Danish veteran with a career dating from 1993 has contributed a lot material to the electronic dance scene in the past. For starters his first single was released as part of the legendary group Sheyba with their massive hit Trance African Express released under the hat of the epic Flying Rhino Records. The following music project named Orion was a huge success and Borelli released five Orion albums, the last of them was released on the Japanese label Solstice. Now finally after a break he is back with fresh stuff presented by the Danish high quality record label Iboga Records. This sounds promising, let us see if it will fulfill our expectations

It starts with an urgent and unsettling synthesizer used in the darker palette of sounds with simple but effective oscillations. The steady funky beat combined with the smart and occasionally 8-bit effects are making the track richer and fuller adding heated, anxious funkiness expectancy (T1). The deep and sensuous progressive house theme got me instantly in Back on Track (T2). The emphasized sounding percussion and tendency to break-ups are grabbing prominently in the mix as the light but solid back beat is rendering us mobile. It's a never ending loop! The harmonically rich analogue bass line indicates that Jean had been influenced from one of the most prominent genres of electronic dance music nowadays, Electro House. The groove is steady and it's an ongoing masterpiece made in Jean's fashion using his talent and experience as the heaviest weapons in the arsenal. A wacky fairground ride.

Recomendation:  Jean Borelli's EP just confirms that he hasn't lost his touch with creativity and sound production and I sincerely hope that he will keep up with the new and fresh releases, but I will be happy to see him go in a more original fashion.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!!).

Review by : Kikola

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