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February 25 , 2024
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Kailum - Confusion

 ( USTA / Krembo ,  Jun. 2000 )

1. No Surprise 8:28 2. Dig (remix) 7:10 3. Higher Places 7:34 4. Digital Anarchy 9:18 5. Intelect Ride 8:05 6. Don't Try... 9:01 7. Fight or Flight 10:08 8. Green & Yellow 9:58

After a long time of spreading promising tracks around, Kailum is back, as Dave Saragossi finally releases his first album. This is a very rough, psychedelic, percussive and pumping collection of diverse tunes, with melodic touches going to full on. Good home listening and great party tracks.

The CD starts with a relentless, massive, crunchy, pounding bass line that goes on all along the track, great percussion, atmospheric whistles, flying sounds, a break, slowly building-up entrance, coming back fullpower- No Surprise- but so beautifully done, A massive dark night tune. Follows the remix of the great Dig that appeared on Filterd Reality. This one is different, less atmospheric (though it still is), more massive and full on. Ever-changing loops and beats, building up slowly from loop to loop, with a strong tribal feel to it all. A great sampled break- "how do you feel?". The build up tells you exactly how- exploding the track into real merciless chaos... and that X-Mal-Deutchland-like huge floating melody hovering around- perfect! Then things change for Higher Places (T3), fast drums and percussion, that's the story here. A great marching track, taking you to a happy higher place as promised in the end. Digital Anarchy (T4) is my least favorite here. More head-banging bass, another well constructed, no-mercy track, with a great break and entrance. But the sound just sounds too dirty, and I don't really like that sample. Intelect Ride (T5) goes in, and what a start- bomb that bass! rrrrrrrrr… one of the most massive bass lines I heard in a while, topped with great psychedelic sound games, sending you to other spheres of existence, and with a smile. Just great! It gets a bit lost in the middle for me, till it comes back with the electric ghosts grooving around- still a great track, though. It's more groovy time with Don't Try... (T6), strong technoey tribal beats with great emotional melodic lines on top, coming and going- a perfect morning madness tune. Then Fight or Flight (T7) is another percussive one, minimalistic, repetitive, with a great phaser fight ending. The finish, Green & Yellow, starts with electronic drops and whistles, moving atmospheric background lines, and building and opening up to a real classic old-style-Goa piece with today's sounds- beautifully constructed, emotional, and the green & yellow sample pours in some acid-jazz feel- perfect!

Recomendation:  Great stuff, groovy, intelligent, pumping, tribal, emotional- in short- all there is to it- Get it! I do wish Krembo would start using a speller, though.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3, 5(!), 6, 7, 8(!).

Review by : Shahar

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