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June 25 , 2019
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Kino Oko - Alphabetically Divided Highway

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Sep. 2008 )

1. Any kind of structure 2. Made in satisfaction 3. Body and mind 4. Mother nature 5. Symphatetic magic death 6. Story of forgotten notes 7. Stand by me 8. Pure irony 9. Remedy express 10. Messiah formula 11. Through the round window

Tribal Vision records are on with their newest release which is Kino Oko's album. Kino Oko is one part of the Bigwigs / Tromesa projects which make the most unusual and characteristic music on the electronic psy trance scene, having a lot of releases.

Starting of with the tons of emotions, the “awareness of inadequacy” feeling spills on the table as the sounds start to kick in one by one in a 4/4 deformed manner. A lot of sounds storm in suddenly followed by the “IDM” like sexy beat which I hope it'll never stop going...(T1) Invigorating music! The cuts and clicks recycled in the studio are brought together sounding like Shpongle meets Kraftwerk!.... but in Germany. A lighter variant with soft and intelligent multi layered storytelling melodies, yet deep, rich and incredibly sensational (T2). Never has techno felt so human! Beautifully crafted, repetitive throughout with emphatic mid bass. (T3)A joy of pleasure in every which way follows, with a simplefunky touch, syncopated towards a mysterious feeling. (T4) For now the production, style and ideas are at a top notch levels and for sure they continue to be so, as if Decoy were making music in a cold European night up in the remote north. (T5) There are sound systems out there waiting for this kind of sound to be played on, with almost no acoustics , deep, techoish, on which, one could spend hours lost in it, and on every play would discover new, fresh and somewhat inaudible sounds for the untrained ear. As we head towards the end of this album, the ephemeral dark feeling smudges and shifts into something new. The sleazy analogue sound, with mutated percussions and a humble transcendent state makes a perfect characteristic music motion, uplifted all the way, slipping into melted emotions ready for that glorious “after dark” hug (T10).

Recomendation:  This album for sure broke my boundaries of the known electronic music templates. Some tracks are brilliant, some are not ordinary and foreign, never heard before. It would have been better if this album was made like a mix or a continuous piece of music, hence all the tracks partake in each other. Nevertheless, this is another interesting and a must have release for all the open minded music fans. The artwork on the cd baffled me as well as the booklet with it's ink type vivid drawings and quotes.

Favorite tracks:1!, 2!, 5, 10!!

Review by : kikola

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