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June 24 , 2019
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Krome Angels - Modern Day Classics

 ( Boa Group ,  Jan. 2009 )

1. Madison Square Garden 8:21 2. Kriskros Rhythms 6:49 3. Tuned In 7:52 (feat. Ido Ophir) 4. Overdone 5:29 (feat. Product 01) 5. Exoplasm 7:39 6. Rehabs 4 Quitters 5:36 7. Destiny 6:47 8. Street Scum 7:41 9. Blast From The Past 7:13 (feat. MWNN) 10. Love on My Mind 6:44

In difficult and dangerous times there is always a superhero behind a mask that comes to the rescue, for Gotham City it is Batman, for New York City it is Spiderman, for Psy Trance City it is Krome Angels. Dino Psaras, Frederic Dado Holyszewski and Shanti Matkin are the masterminds behind the Krome Angels project, the heroes behind the masks that managed to mix various electronic music styles (trance, techno & minimal, just to name a few) in one disc while always retaining and respecting their psychedelic trance origins. Although this is a bright new project from the three highly respected producers, and despite the fact that itís way different from their past works and collaborations, a well trained ear can spot on almost every track parts the individual touch of each one of them. Be it Dadoís melodies, Dinoís baselines or Shantiís powerful kicks, they are all there reminding us who is in charge. Krome Angels donít stick to a specific formula and on each tune they explore various aspects of the electronic music scene, but their main aim is clearly to make the people on the dancefloor move no matter what their personal music preferences might be. This is one of the reasons they collaborated with other great artists such as Man With No Name, Domestic, Product 01 and re-worked Freemasonsí hit Love on My Mind.
The production quality is second to none and Kevin Metcalfe did an exquisite job with the mastering here, plus I must mention the great artwork and photography by Simon Ghahary (yes, the Blue Room man) and Ricardo Camargo respectively. Do you believe in Angels?

Recomendation:  A diverse album aimed not so much for the hardcore psytrance fans, but mostly for a wider audience and people that listen and experiment with various styles of electronic music and are always looking for something fresh to enrich their CD collection.

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10.

Review by : DETOX

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