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June 25 , 2019
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Kukan Dub Lagan - New Life New Vision

 ( Mikelabella ,  Jul. 2009 )

1. Colazione dalla Nonna 2:43 2. La Vita 6:19 3. Zingari Vibes 5:00 4. Psychedelic Funk-o-delic 5:07 5. The Re-Turn of the Master 6:59 6. Funk Me 5:33 7. Volcano Session 6:21 8. SunSet with MikelaBella 4:26 9. Scratch 7:26 10. New Life New Vision 7:14 11. L'illusione del Capitano 4:54

Itís time for the third album by Kukan Dub Lagan. The previous two albums were received pretty well by the dubloving public, and this one will be no exception. If youíre a bit into world/fusion or dub music you canít go around his name anymore, heís a bit like Toires was back in his high days. The nice thing about this album is the many influences (like reggae, electro, latino music) and instruments (piano, guitar, flute, drums) that can be heard throughout. Itay Berger did a nice job here, also with the really positive vibe that springs forth from this album. It has to be your cup of tea though. If you like your chill more along the lines of say, Solar Fields or Aes Dana, then youíre totally wrong here. As I said, the positive feelings flow throughout this album and at times it has these nice little electro influences, like in Psychedelic Funk-o-delic (T4), which has these 8 bit kinda electronic little samples in it. Scratch (T9) also features these elements. Tracks like The Re-Turn of the Master (T5) and New Life New Vision (T10) are all about dub again, with a kind of reggae feeling to them. The whole album feels like relaxing on a sunny day with a big chair, a book, a cocktail and some nice music playing in the background (this album, obviously). I needed some time to adjust to this, especially since I normally donít really indulge in reggae like vibes, but this album didnít have any vocals as such and I found myself intrigued by it. Iíve been playing it for some time now and Iím still making up favorites as I go along.

Recomendation:  If you like chilling and are fond of reggae, dub and electro you should check this one out. Itís got everything the doctor ordered, especially for relaxation purposes.

Review by : Acidhive

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