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February 28 , 2021
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 ( Ear Peaks ,  Apr. 2006 )

1. Leo - New York Vibes 2. Space Safari - I should have known 3. Shuma - Ilectro Music (Sonic lizard rmx) 4. Chris Cargo - You R 5. Absolut and Blade - Crash 6. Mirowsky and T. Penton - Deep (Mirowsky rmx) 7. Audio Factory - I am 8. Jokke Ilsoe - Static 9. Sonic Lizard - Flower of pain

Tupan records are the second label to join Domo Records covering the progressive house and trance scene with releases from artists from all over the world. The tracklist looks nice featuring “big” names like T.Penton, Chris Cargo, and Andre Absolut. Let us see what they have to offer:

(T1)Tribadelic! Leonardo Leal Leite is sure the master of it. The tight percussions are welcomed as the scary feeling overcomes and changes the atmosphere from tribal to even more tribal!! The clubby groove is constant as the track progresses towards its end. A great booty shaking start. Beckers is showing us his skills on the funk field(T2). The german progressive style nowadays varies much and a lot of vocals are used in combination with minimal sounds. Not really my type of stuff but I would enjoy this track on a rainy Sunday morning while sipping my java in the local coffee shop.
(T3)A hardened kick represented by shuma (forest) and remixed by sonic lizard. The Fresh sounds and crispy hi hats mark Eastern Europe’s way of doing music, not too much but not even less that the others. It took time before I got used to the squirting sounds and slowly but surely the buildup has made this track into a “Ilectro” beast blending everything together and then things got confused a bit. A nice one. (T4)A standard kick hat correlation for the beginning accompanied by a big phat low bass inflicting a big amount of dancelfloor/booty damage. Yeah baby! I am surprised from the power which this track has. It’s nothing new and innovative, but I bet that it will do a mess on the floor. Easy come easy go. (T5)From my experience music made for fun was and still is the best kind of music. Dunno how to exactly describe this piece , has the deep “son kite without note changing like” bass…OK , has the porno electro synth…OK, has the clear shiny hats…OK, has the perfect buildup and breakdown…OK , my benchmarking tests show that this track will be played for a long time around the globe. A true masterpiece! (T6) Deep is presented by the two American producers Myrowsky and Penton. A very linear track, starting in full sound mode and finishing in the same mode. No variations, no storytelling not even philosophy, just a minor change in the percussions and that’s it. It’s a big disappointment for me hence I was expecting a bit too much. The original is sweet though. (T7)The Brazilian project Audio Factory presents a groovy blend of salsa perfect for the summer clubs by the beach. Nothing more nothing less, just a standard driving track for head nodding. (T8)Starts airy and floating it takes time to develop before things get touchy. Nice job done by Jokke with the powerful caressing atmospheric pieces that get my body moving and mind flowing. The groove is uplifting and the sounds tight, perfectly lecturing the usage of progressive trance. (T9)Mellow, moving, emotional. The “Flower Of Pain” is about to be smelled as the penetrating flying melodic lines develop into a happy ecstatic tribal explosion. The dreamy pads throw you into a well-placed breakdown and then again you are thrown back into the groove. A solid dance floor track.

Recomendation:  Overall it’s a nice compilation oriented towards the clubby side rather than the trance side, but nevertheless I totally recommend this cd because of the gems in it.
Favorites: 1!, 3,4!!,5!!!,8

Review by : Kikola.

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