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June 26 , 2019
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Liberation Animale

 ( Inpsyde Media ,  Jul. 2009 )

1. Kluster- Bunker Mode 143bpm 8:39 2. Bloomen- Blink 143bpm 7:43 3. The Grobians- Flatulent Swamp 146bpm 7:02 4. Ka-Sol- Coudy 144bpm 7:29 5. Procs- Coffin Kick 153bpm 8:34 6. Taigan Sun- Barbro 147bpm 8:00 7. Attoya- Paradise Found 152bpm 8:52 8. Traskel- Alien Elbow 146bpm 8:28 9. Zoon- Owls in the Moss 146bpm 6:37 10. Money Cannot Be Eaten- Bird Flu Helpline 147bpm 8:24

As usual lately, the promo text for this one raves on about it like itís the best release in some time. The compilation has an objective behind it, raising consciousness on the subject of animals in captivity. A nice concept, but the inside of the album also refers to veganism, something which I am opposed to. Anyway, letís not get that in the way of the music, since that is what weíre going to be dealing with.

It all starts off with Kluster, and that one is definitely my favourite track on the album. Itís slower, creaking, crackling and has a great 8-bit rendered drum sample which gives the song its character. Track 2 is a different affair, spewing acid and synthfarts all over the place, still with a slower pace. Itís nothing remarkable, but not a bad track altogether. Track 3 takes it a bit up again and gets us thinking itís 1997 all over again. Good stuff! I like the bassline in this one as well. Ka-Sol comes up next and itís the usual stuff if youíve heard their previous tracks. I think itís an ok track, it sets a darker mood with a nice wobbly bassline and ominous synths. Coffin Kick by Procs is a whole different ballgame. This is bad. Thereís no other word for it. Noise with beat. And at least noise music is hard and blows you away. This is just something in between psy and noise and it never touches either really well. To top it the whole thing sounds like an anxiety attack. It annoys me. Skip. Taigan Sun with Barbro starts and fortunately this is better again. More like track 3 actually. Unfortunately it gets worse and worse until the end, again sounding very nerving and unsettling. Attoya's Paradise Found (T7) has an ominous feeling too, but at least he does it in the right way. A good one. Traskel is similar and there's nothing much to add here, except that it sounds like ghosts lost in the endless woods. Thatís what it makes me feel like anyway. Zoon comes up with another forest track, and this one is more like Ka-Solís style. The last track starts off dark and ominous again (most of the tracks sound this way, so you could say it's the theme for this compilation) and itís a very busy track. Itís got sounds flying all over the place and again it gets to be very nervous during half way and to the end. Another no go for me.

Recomendation:  And there you have it. A so so compilation. If youíre really looking for some forest trance, you could check this out, particularly for tracks 1, 3, 4, 7-9. Those are my favourites here too. But the rest is just not cutting it for me. Especially the Procs track is one that can drive me crazy!! Mastering is ok, although some of the tracks do sound rather muffled. Somebody might call that old school flair though. And with six out of ten tracks on the ok side of the spectrum, it leans more to ok than bad.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4, 7-9.

Review by : Acidhive

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