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June 27 , 2019
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Lime Light 2

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Jul. 2006 )

1. Roman Rai - Inspiration - 127 bpm 2. Fitalic - Manufactured Miracles - 130 bpm 3. Ryan Halifax - Give & Get - 130 bpm 4. Tegma - 50.000 Watts - 132 bpm 5. Sonify - Groove Seductive - 133 bpm 6. Greed vs Sonic Cube - Divine - 127 bpm 7. Brisker & Magitman - Strike Back - 130 bpm 8. Solead - Lay Down - 130 bpm 9. Vibrasphere - Floating Free - 134 bpm

Tribal Vision Records is a progressive trance , house and electro label based on Prague, Czech Republic. Since the beginnings of the label 2 years ago, Tribal Vision has worked hard to define its position on the progressive scene, and is enjoying great success with healthy sales and a plethora of releases. Originally a Czech DJ and party organization group founded in 2001, 2004 saw its expansion into a record label with an intent of bringing something fresh, exciting and innovative to the progressive scene.

This is the 10th release of Tribal Vision Records, and their second compilation on their series Lime Light, channeling progressive influences from electro and house into psytrance. It was compiled by DJ Slater and mastered by Charles Michaud (Triptych/Solead/Motion). As usual with Tribal Vision, we got a nice cover, and an extensive booklet with info about the artists and the label. The excellent artwork was made by Milan Malik. And since we're talking about Tribal Vision Records here, just a fat booklet with an amazing cover art is not enough, they had to put a good-looking DJ sleeve as well, thank you so much for being like that.


What we have here? Nothing less than an astonishing selection of tunes, all of them with their own story, but with something in common: the ability to keep me dancing and enjoying each time more the progressive side of psytrance. I'll comment some tracks

Roman Rai opens the compilation with a well built and involving track at 127 bpm (T1). It was difficult for me to like this first track, I had to listen it some times, but after listening the whole CD nonstop a couple of times I felt like this was the right track to open it. This happens because this release revolves around 130 bpm, seems like it was carefully compiled and a lot of time was spent into choosing the order of the tracks. The result is very pleasant to home listening. Give & Get (T3) was the first track here to really catch me. I never heard about Ryan Halifax before, but this track really made me happy. It has a positive atmosphere that makes me feel lighter while I'm dancing and enjoying it. To make things even better the next track is 50.000 Watts by Tegma (T4), one of the highlights of their Live Act, and trust me, their Live Act is packed with some of the most well crafted progressive gems around. It is different from the music on their last albums, but as good as them. Definitely one of my favorite proggy tunes this year. It is not a bad track, but also not my style. To my absolute surprise another of my favorite tracks here has only 127 bpm: it's Divine from Greed vs Sonic Cube (T6). So groovy and unexpected, our first meeting was like love, and I'm enjoying it. Solead present us Lay Down (T8) which is an interesting track with lots of experimentalism, I'm sure a lot of people has already picked this one as their favorite here. Vibrasphere finalizes this monstrous compilation with an exceptional tune, really makes me float and smile, this is what I call good taste in choosing the track's elements. Ah-ha! You thought I forgot to mention Fitalic's track, right? No way, Manufactured Miracles (T2) is sweet, though I must admit it's not my favorite here for the dance floor, it's excellent for home listening. But that's just me, for what I've heard this track is one of the highlights of the new Fitalic album, which means this shake the ass of the proggy-heads around the world.

Recomendation:  Tribal Vision Records once again managed to put together a strong selection of tunes, in this release with more than 76 minutes of music. This release should be checked by everyone into the progressive side of the psychedelic music. Its perfect track order makes it outstanding for home listening, but I'm sure its real potential is only unleashed on the dance floors' powerful sound systems. If you're a DJ you probably already bought it.

Favorites: 3(!), 4(!!), 6(!), 8, 9(!).

Review by : full_on.

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